Mission Statement:
The mission of the Mathematics Department is to build an analytical academic foundation for students to be able to transfer to four-year institutions, enter a vocational program, or seek employment where they would utilize their analytical training.
Degree:  AS - Mathematics - Plan A
Degree Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Graph functions using the first and second derivatives and use integration to find areas and volumes bounded by functions.
2. Identify and graph the appropriate (logarithmic or exponential) function to model the situation.
3. Set up a triple integral to find the volume of a given solid bounded by the graphs of equations of surfaces, then evaluate the integral using multivariate change of variables.
4. Find the four fundamental subspaces of the coefficient matrix of an over-determined system of equations and relate these subspaces to the least squares solution. The student will find the least squares solution to the system of equations .
5. Given a higher order, linear differential equation, the student will solve it by three methods: Laplace Transform, method of eigenvalues, and solution by series substitution.