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DualSchool Program
Dual School Program:


Shortcut Math requirements for your degree or certificate! Even if your placement test put you in Math 105, you can start fall semester with Pre-Algebra (Math 112) and skip Math 105. Enroll in the Dual School.

Dual School Program: Begin a Math 112 (Pre-Algebra) class in fall 2012. At the same time, start the Dual School (BS007CE, Section Number 8759). Dual School meets from 9 AM to 10:25 AM, Monday through Friday during the first five weeks of fall semester (Aug 27 – Sep 28). If you successfully complete Dual School by September 28, you may remain in and finish your Math 112 class.

How do I get in?

Take the LACC College Mathematics placement test. Schedule your placement test in person or online with Assessment Testing Office.  If the placement exam puts you in Basic Math (Math 105), you can still take Math 112 (Pre- Algebra) in fall 2012 while completing Dual School at the same time.

Request admission to Dual School at the Math Department, in person or by email. Include a copy of your placement test results and your contact information with your request.

We will contact you within two working days if you are eligible. You can then pick up an add permit for the class in person and process it through the Admissions Office.

Contact Math Dept, In Person: Math Department Office, room 103, Franklin Hall between hours of 9AM and 5PM, Monday - Thursday

Contact Math Dept, By Email: medniks@lacitycollege.edu

Why should I get in?

Similar Programs are in place at several other Colleges across the Country, and students who participate have actually outperformed their peers who placed directly into Pre-Algebra.  You can save yourself a semester or more of math and reach your degree or certificate goal in less time. Many students have the capability and motivation to succeed in these programs even if their placement test scores recommend Math 105.

What does it cost?

Dual School is a non-credit course and there is no enrollment charge to the student.

How does it work?

Enroll in both Dual School and a Math 112 course at the start of the semester. Successfully complete Dual School exit test by September 28 and remain in and complete your Math 112 course. If Dual School is not successfully completed by September 28, you must be administratively dropped from your Math 112 class and transferred to a Math 105 class. You may then complete the Math 105 class in the fall 2012 semester.

Dual School Information (BS007CE, section number 8759) is a condensed refresher course in basic mathematics designed to provide students with the math skills needed enroll and succeed in a Pre-Algebra course.

Basic Skills 007CE - Review of basic Math (NDA) – 0.00 units
0900 -1230    MTuWThF     FH201     120827 – 120928         
Course ID: Basic Skills 007CE, Course Number 8759

 Dual School




 9:00 AM

 10:25 AM


Please address any questions to medniks@lacitycollege.eduor call us at extension 2810.

We look forward to working with you!