Laurienne Singer

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Ms. Singer received her Masters in Dance in Choreography with a minor in Dance Therapy from UCLA. She was commissioned to work on a Rockefeller Grant experimenting with Light and Movement. Her thesis a “Dance for People and Puppets” was featured in Theatercraft magazine as well as the National Puppetry Journal. She has danced and performed since childhood.
In the last 10 years she has been teaching Dance and movement at LACC. She has developed a class called “Stress Management Techniques through Movement and Dance” Ms. Singer also teaches Yoga , a discipline she has been practicing since her teen-age years. Jazz, Choreography,Social Dance and Body Dynamics are courses that she  teaches, Whatever she teaches, , her goal is to help the student find the joy in moving, strengthen their body and their self esteem and to provide an experience to motivate one and all to continue to engage in healthy physical activity through their lifetime.