Health 11 Principles of Healthful Living      Los Angeles City College · Fall 20010


Instructor:  Christine Tinberg, M.S., M.S.           Office:  Women’s Gym 102A

Phone:  323-953-4000 x2858                                       Email:


Course Objectives and Student Learning Outcomes

§  Understand how our daily choices influence our health

§  Address what makes us sick and what keeps us healthy

§  Explore health issues from a personal, domestic, and global perspective


Course Description

I will strive to make this course interesting and relevant to your life.  I have certain topics that we will definitely study, such as nutrition, weight management, and heart disease.  Yet, I want to hear your ideas about what topics you want to know more about.


Our class time will be organized in many different ways.  We’ll have lectures, slide presentations, videos, class discussions, group assignments, and guest speakers.  I want you to participate at all times by sharing your opinions, asking questions, and contributing in group situations.  As an incentive, if your final grade is border-line, the fact that you consistently participated could push your grade to the higher mark. 


There is a textbook on reference at the library (Hales, Diane.  An Invitation to Health.  Thomson, 2009).   There will be times when I assign you to read it.  But, it’s not necessary to buy a book.  I will supply you with material electronically.  So, make sure I have your correct email address.  Throughout the semester, I will email you slide presentations, videos, and assignments.  If you change your email address, be sure to tell me.  If you do not have a computer at home, LACC’s library has free internet access.  Be sure to get your CUB card.  You’ll need to take notes during lectures, slides, and videos, too. 



I’ll take attendance each day.  You’ll earn 10 points per day when you are on time.  Occasionally, you may be late.  But, it should not develop into a pattern.  If you arrive after 8 a.m. you’ll receive 5 points.  Please be quiet and respectful as you enter the room. 

If you are absent, contact a classmate to find out what you missed. 



You will have essays to write, videos to watch, articles to read, and questions to answer.  I collect homework at 7:25 a.m.  Put your papers in the red folder.  If you turn in your homework after I’ve collected the folder, it will be late and I’ll deduct points.  On occasion, I’ve seen students doing their homework right before class by copying someone else’s assignment.  That is junior high school behavior.  If I see this behavior, I will not accept your homework.

In-class Assignments

I believe in active learning.  Your brain works better if you do something with information.  So, you’ll be writing in class (so, bring paper), discussing, debating each other, and more.  Most classes, you will be turning in an assignment that we did in class.  If you are absent, you won’t be able to make-up this work, because it is tied to a class activity.  I’ll also pop a quiz on you now and then.  If you absent when the quiz is given, you can’t make up those points. 



I anticipate four exams, including the final exam.  There are no make-up exams.  Going to the bathroom during exams is not allowed.  Exams are mixture of short answer, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and true-false.  Anything we cover in class and any homework assignment could be on your exams.  Final Exam on Monday, Dec. 13 @ 7:25 a.m. – it is not cumulative.


Attendance                                                                                5%

In-class assignments                                                               20%

Homework assignments                                                          25%

Exams                                                                                      50%                                                                                                                                                     100%


Course Policies

  • Cheating includes, but is not limited to the following: copying from someone else; looking at notes, a book, writing on the bottom of your shoe or your hand; talking during exams (even if it isn’t about the exam, I will assume it is); copying directly off the internet, a magazine, etc… (plagiarism).  Cheating earns a zero for that assignment.  Also, a written report will be sent to the Dean of Student Discipline.


This course outline serves as a contract between you, the student, and the course instructor.  You are expected to understand all policies set forth here and in the college calendar.  Any deviations from this syllabus will be announced during class.  Students should be familiar with those sections of the college catalog that concern Academic Policies and Student Policies.