professor biographies

         Yelgy Parada
        Yelgy Parada- Spanish Professor  and 

                                            Study Abroad Director       

I am a tenured Spanish professor at Los Angeles city College. I am also a coordinator of the Study Abroad Program. I was born and raised in El Salvador. I graduated from CSULA with a BA in Spanish and received my Master's degree as well with an emphasis in Language and Literacy. I would like to consider myself a strong advocate for students and am a strong proponent for assisting students to transfer into public and private universities.

My grandmother implemented in me as a child a saying that has fueled my profession, but most importantly, become the personal mantra for my intention to create a study abroad program at Los Angeles City College. The wise words my grandmother raised me with are “When you die, the only thing you take with you are your memories of the places you have traveled and your education.” As a Spanish professor, I have practiced this mantra in my personal life, but also by instilling this thought to my students. For years, I have relentlessly been striving to get an international program established at LACC in order to encourage this opportunity to our students. Like the purpose of any other study abroad program, my intention is to extend the experience of learning the language outside of the classroom by infusing the factors that I consider most important. When immersed into a setting where one can learn the customs absorb the culture and engage in the daily practice of the language, I believe I have accomplished my mission as a foreign language professor.

Here at Los Angeles City College, our campus is a hub of ethnic diversity. As a comprehensive community college, LACC offers life-long learning opportunities and provides programs, coursework, support, and guidance to develop and sustain a community of learners- both near and far- with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for optimal growth and achievement in their personal and professional lives. I derive all my fuel to comply with this mission statement by listening to the needs of my students. After years of teaching, I have reached a plateau in which I understand what it takes to be a teacher, and that concept is what I want to outline in my presentation, but in order to reach the next pinnacle, I know that I have to spread my passion through various avenues.

   Jose Morin  

Jose Morin- Spanish Professor

Jose Morin received his Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with an emphasis in literature. He also received his master from UCLA with an emphasis in Spanish literature. He continued his education and received his PhD in Hispanic literature and is currently teaching Spanish I, II, III, IV, VIII, IX and XI at Los Angeles City College. He is a strong advocate for Los Angeles City College Study Abroad Program, serves as an academic counselor for students participating in this program. He involves his students in Study Abroad activities or projects that reflex core professional beliefs. His professional interests focus on teach Spanish, communication and cultural enrichment, and his current projects include being an advocate for the Study Abroad Program. In addition, he serves as Treasurer for Alpha Mu Gamma, and is a member of the executive board.

 Sandra Parada- Assistant Director of the 

                                       Study Abroad Program




I never realized traveling was a passion of mine until I started working for the LACC Study Abroad Program. As a child, I was raised on summer getaways and yearly family trips abroad. Yes, I felt fortunate and appreciative of these adventures, yet in hindsight, it became a privileged custom.

 As assistant director of the study abroad program, my excitement for traveling quickly transformed into a passion for one simple reason… introducing students to the opportunity to travel. One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou capsulated what ignited my dedication for the study abroad program:    

 “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

 Now, I can share the understanding, the growth, the adventures, and most importantly, the impactful schooling traveling abroad does to a person’s development.