Welcome to the LACC Foreign Language & Humanities Website. I am Mickey Hong, the department chair and professor of Korean language and civilization. We are one of the largest and strongest language departments in Southern California.

Foreign language is an essential skill in the  21st century--you must speak at least two or more languages to present yourself as globally minded. Learning another language is not only for personal development, but it gives you an advantage in many careers.

My goal is to integrate foreign language and cultural education with technology. Learning a language helps us overcome cultural and social barriers, and we want to deliver foreign language and civilization education anywhere and anytime with technology. I'm proud to be the leader of an outstanding group of instructors whose life-long pursuit is to teach their students other languages, other cultures and the humanities, that affect us all.

Join us and begin your adventure of learning about the world and becoming worldly.

LACC Foreign Language and Humanities Department offers AA Degrees in:


LACC Foreign Language and Humanities Department offers Skill Certificates in:

American Sign Language

Korean Language & Civilization: Intermediate Level

Korean Language & Civilization: Advanced Level

Spanish Language:& Civilization: Elementary Level

Spanish Language & Civilization: Intermediate Level


Transfer Limits


The UC system allows no credit for duplication of a foreign language if student completed in high school the equivalent levels with a grade of "C" or better.

The UC system requires levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 to fulfill General Education requirement for foreign languages.


Check the LACC Catalog for Degree/Course Descriptions

Regular/Fulltime Department Professors
Department Offices: JH 111 & JH 114

Name Subject Email Extension
Youngmin Bae Spanish baey@lacitycollege.edu 2746
Menes Guirguis Arabic/French guirgumr@lacitycollege.edu 2734
Mickey Hong Korean hongmj@lacitycollege.edu 2378
Richard Liao Chinese liaorm@lacitycollege.edu 2731
Jose Morin Spanish morinjo@lacitycollege.edu 2733
Yelgy Parada Spanish paraday@lacitycollege.edu 2735
Mario Rivera Spanish riverama@lacitycollege.edu 2743
Francine Rozenkopf French rozenkf@lacitycollege.edu 2739
Andrew Walzer Humanities walzerah@lacitycollege.edu 2744