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the Official Sponsor of National Foreign Language Week

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Foreign Language Day 2015 is on Thursday, 4/30,
at the 3rd Floor Multi-Purpose Room, Student Union

The National Foreign Language Week theme for the year 2015:
"Learn a Foreign Language; Gain a New Perspective"

Foreign Language Week Poster
 Thank you to all those who participated!
 2015 Foreign Language Day Picture: Foreign Language Instructors
Prof. Eiko Chatel (Japanese), Prof. Youngmin Bae (Spanish), Prof. Grigor Ketenchian (Japanese), Prof. Mickey Hong (Korean), Prof. Sandra Novoa (Spanish)
2015 Foreign Language Day Picture: French Students
 Prof. Francine Rozenkopf’s French students—ballet performance & French songs
2015 Foreign Language Day Picture: Chinese Students in Traditional Attire
Prof. Richard Liao and Prof. Grace Yang’s  Chinese students—Chinese traditional costume fashion show
The LACC Foreign Language & Humanities Department has celebrated the cultural diversity that is found within Los Angeles City College through the Foreign Language Day festivities. The event has been celebrated for over 30 years on campus, and has successfully attracted the attention of the community and students. It is a yearly celebration that promotes diversity and encourages students to enroll in Foreign Language classes. The celebration originates from National Foreign Language Week celebrated nationwide during the week of March 5th through the 11th. The Foreign Language Day promotes the different languages taught at Los Angeles City College and also provides a cultural learning experience to the campus and community. The festivities consist of students and also professionals performing dances, songs, poetry in different languages and embodying different cultures. 
 Five Decades of Foreign Language Week!
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