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Armenian Language and Civilization Courses
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ARMENIAN 1: Elementary Armenian I (5 UNITS) – (UC:CSU)

Advisory: English 28/31 or equivalent.
This course stresses the fundamentals of pronunciation and elementary grammar, practical vocabulary and useful phrases to understand, read and write simple Armenian.

ARMENIAN 2: Elementary Armenian II (5 UNITS) – (UC:CSU)

Prerequisite: Armenian 1 with a satisfactory grade or equivalent.
This course completes the elementary grammar and includes reading and comprehension of simple texts, with emphasis on oral expression. It also includes an introductory study of Armenian culture to complement comprehension of language.

HUMANITIES 63: Armenian Civilization (3 UNITS) - (UC:CSU)


Advisory: English 28/31 or equivalent.
A survey of Armenian civilization its development from ancient times to the present. Lectures and discussions on geography, history, and social structures of Armenia; religion, literature, and sciences; art, music and customs, and the contribution to the world.