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Anyone can learn to speak Korean!

Who takes Korean studies classes at LACC? Here are some of our star students:


Paul Jackson


For me, the best thing about the LACC Korean language program is the extra effort and attention the teachers give. Dr. Jeong-il (Joseph) Lee, my favorite teacher, spent extra time with me every week making sure I understood the lesson and offered help with my questions. Two things that make learning Korean at LACC fun are the interesting people I meet and the interesting activities outside the class. I've met people involved with the Korean program who share similarities with myself. Many of them have given me invaluable insight into their cultures; others have become new study buddies, and a few have even become friends.

One of the most memorable times was a class field trip to a Korean B.B.Q. restaurant where the diners sit and grill their own food right at the table. Usually when at a restaurant I sit, chow, and leave. Here, however, my classmates and I talked for almost three hours as we sat there laughing, grilling the food ourselves, eating, and having a great time.

Prior to taking Korean classes I wondered at my chance of acceptance to UC schools. As of now, Spring 2008, three UC's accepted me into their East Asian studies programs. Now, I wonder which school to pick instead of where I can get in.

The future is a long road ahead but I sometimes picture myself further along. Lately I've been picturing myself in Korea. Did I fly? No, I will apply for the Education Abroad Program available to UC students. How long will I be there? The EAP allows visits up to one year. Before, I never thought myself capable of completing the school necessary for a master’s degree. It always seemed beyond my reach. Now I'll try. I can visualize myself teaching about the wonderful place called Korea.

Paul Jackson is now a student at UCLA.

Enshea Daniel



Korean music first turned me on to the Korean language. There are many talented Korean musicians such as Bi (Rain) and Big Mama, and wanted to know what they were singing about. I also watch Korean dramas. After watching shows for a while I began to notice certain terms like "oppa" and "nuna” were repeated and wondered about their meanings. I later found out that "oppa" means the older brother of a female, and "nuna" means the older sister of a male. The fact that Korean language has specific names for these terms is fascinating and makes Korean a wonderful language. I'm glad I took it and recommend it to anyone interested in languages.

나중에 봐요! (See you again later) (=^_^=)

Congratulations to Enshea who transferred to UCLA in Fall 2010 as a Korean major!


James Trent


I go by Trent and I am a film major at LACC, but I love the Korean program here. I will have my AA in film soon, but I hope to get my AA in Korean, too. I spent a year and a half in South Korea traveling and teaching computers and English. During that time, I developed a great appreciation for Korea and its beautiful culture. A few of my fondest memories are climbing Kwanbong Peak, seeing the ancient Stone Hat Buddha (Katbawi), and having tea with Buddhist monks in mountain top temples.

I have studied Korean language with Prof. Hong and Humanities 45: Korean Civilization with Prof. Lee, and they are both awesome teachers. Whenever you need help, they are readily available. I plan to transfer to USC or UCLA's film program and studying a language is a requirement. Korean was the perfect choice to fulfill that requirement. I love learning about Korea and studying the language. It’s awesome.  You should try it!

Click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYktx_ilv9w to see a video I made about taking a taxi in Taegu, South Korea and feel free to check out http://www.trentertainment.com/koreatrip.htm to see tons of pictures and a journal about my trip to Korea.
Trent has been accepted into USC School of Cinematic Arts in Fall 2009.  


Jose Perez


The Korean Studies program at LACC has been a fantastic experience.

The Korean Language classes have had a positive influence on me because the Korean teachers make every class interesting and fun to learn. Korean 1: Elementary Korean I is taught by Prof. Mickey Hong, a highly qualified instructor. She starts her Korean classes with basic grammar and the language’s phonetic components. As a result, students learn Korean from the very first day.

The Korean Studies Program at LACC also offers Humanities 45: Korean Civilization, focusing on Korean history and culture. I was impressed that Korean culture and history have a lot of similarities with other cultures. One example is the Ch’usŏk (Harvest Festival) and the Korean New Year tradition. By taking the Humanities 45: Korean Civilization, I learned to appreciate the richness of Korean food, language, and cultural values.
Kalani Kim

I have been attending Los Angeles City College for 2 years under the Electrical Engineering/Computer Technology and have just recently added Japanese language as my major. I have always wanted to know the culture that the Korean people embraced. Sadly, I had grown up not knowing the history of my paternal ancestors. I decided to take Humanities 45/Korean 10: Korean Civilization, and on the first day I was absorbed into the beautiful and illustrious history of Korea. Thanks to Prof. Jeong-il Joseph Lee, I was provided with a very enlightening course into Korean culture. Not only did he lecture about Korea, he also elaborated on how different peoples of the world had given to, and received from, the Korean culture. He was very dedicated to our education in that he would come to class extra early to discuss questions that we may have had. Prof. Lee has graciously passed on a portion of his extensive knowledge to me. With this newfound knowledge, I am able to relay what I have learned to my father who only knew that we were from "Choson.” This class has allowed me to connect with Koreans on a deeper level than I had before since I know now the reasons behind their cultures and traditions.

I am planning on transferring to Cal State Los Angeles and completing their Japanese language undergraduate program. Once completed, my aim is to finish the TESOL graduate program and teach English in either Korea or Japan.

I am now also currently engaged in the Korean Associates of Arts program due to my experience with their wise and sociable faculty. I could not ask for a better group of professors. Thank you very much for all that you have endowed on us. 정말 감사합니다.

Kalani successfully transferred to UCLA in Fall 2010! Good luck!

Mariko Sell


Hello, my name is Mariko Sell. My hobby is traveling. When I saw photos of Switzerland for the first time in middle school, I wanted go to foreign countries. I started traveling after I started working at a travel agency. I have been to Canada, Mexico, Europe, and also El Salvador. Now, I will also go to Korea soon. I like learning new things. It is interesting to meet and talk to different people. Because I learn new things, my life is enjoyable.

안녕하세요. 저는 마리코 셀입니다. 제 취미는 여행하는 것입니다. 중학교 때 스위스 사진을 처음 보고 외국에 가고 싶었습니다. 저는 여행사에서 일하기 시작하고 나서 여행하기 시작했습니다. 캐나다에도 가고 멕시코에도 가고 유럽에도 가고 엘살바도르에도 갔습니다. 그리고 이제 곧 한국에도 갈겁니다. 저는 새로운 것을 배우는 것을 좋아합니다. 다른 사람들을 만나고 이야기하는 것이 재미있습니다. 새로운 것들을 배우기 때문에 제 생활은 즐겁습니다.

Mariko had a fantastic time in Korea after passing Korean 4 with flying colors!