"When I haven’t seen someone for a while and I happen upon them they are amazed at the difference in my weight because of the super circuit class. Wait until they see me after this semester".
- P. Jackson

"With the help of the super circuit class, I have lost 100 lbs. It hasn’t been easy but I did it"
-. P. Jackson

"I think PE 630 is an excellent value, beautiful facility, staff is friendly, and I’m here for the rest of my life."

- G. Houser

"You can workout at your own speed and it’s relaxing. It doesn’t matter your age".
- H. Bell, age 64

"It’s clean, it’s not like other gyms, where it smells funny and it’s sticky."
- M. Marx, age 13

"It helped me get power back in my arms and then some. It’s a great way to get back in shape."
- T. Huizenga

"It feels good after a workout. I feel more alive and it’s a place to come and escape from stress."
- L. Solis

"This is my 3rd semester. I’ve been taking 15 units and working. This class has been the only thing giving me energy and getting me up in the morning. For students you can’t beat the price."
- D. De La O

"Great instructors. Gives me healthy sense of well-being."
- C. Reed

"A very clean environment to exercise."
- E. Khongorzul.