spring 2008 syllAbus

Los Angeles City College
PE 630 Aerobic Super Circuit – Spring 2008

Monday - Thursday
8:00 – 12:00 p.m.
4:00 – 6:00 p.m.  


323-953-4000 x2867


http://wpe.lacitycollege.edu/      Christine Tinberg x2858

Course Overview
This class is designed for improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. Other benefits may include lower blood pressure, a decrease in body fat, and stress management. Our Super Circuit training system keeps your heart rate up so you are burning calories and improving your fitness. You’ll also exercise all the major muscles, adding shape, tone, and endurance to your body.

The class requires that you complete ONE Aerobic Super Circuit each time you visit. With a warm-up and cool-down it takes about 30 minutes. After ONE complete circuit, you can leave or continue to exercise. The choice is yours. You may choose to do another circuit or do one of our other exercise options. You could use the treadmill, elliptical, stairclimber, or recumbent bike. If you want to work on specific body parts you might like the PRECOR Unit or the dumbbells. The Center is also equipped with stability balls, Spri bands, & medicine balls, all designed to work you out in different ways. If you need help, just ask an instructor.

A Super Circuit is a great cardiovascular workout because you are in constant motion! In a “circuit” you move from a stationary bike to a weight machine, to a different bike, to a different machine. You exercise for 50 sec. on each piece of equipment. When the voice says, “Move to the next station” you rotate to the next bike or weight machine. A Circuit = 12 bikes and 12 machines.

We do have guidelines for the Super Circuit training system:

  1. Use the machines in numerical sequence (1, 2, 3. etc. . . ). They are in this order to give you the best training because they alternate muscle groups. They cannot be used out of order.
  2. Don’t skip machines. If you think you need to skip a machine, due to injury, talk to your instructor.
  3. Only 1 set is allowed on the machines. For multiple sets, use the PRECOR unit after 1 circuit.
  4. Cardio equipment, the PRECOR, balls, etc… can only be used after you have completed one circuit.
  5. Bicycle warm-ups should be done in the designated warm-up area.

We have six instructors working at different times throughout the week. One of us will always be here to help you exercise safely, to teach you correct form & technique, and to measure your fitness. We hope you will ask us your fitness questions.

ATTENDENCE: You earn 5 points each hour you exercise. The most exercise points you can earn is 150 points = 30 hours. You can exercise more than 30 hours, but you cannot earn more than 150 points. You should average at least 2 hours/week to get the 30 hours. Don’t wait until the end to complete your hours. Unexpected things happen, like instructors on jury duty, and we must close. Then, you can’t workout.

FITNESS MEASURES: using the latest technology, you’ll receive an accurate measure of your fitness. The following measures must be completed for full credit: height/weight, body composition, push-ups, sit-ups, grip strength, submax cardio fitness, flexibility and 2 health appraisals. Points on not earned based on your results. Deadline is Thursday, May 22nd. Schedule an appointment time with an instructor. We recommend testing early in the semester, then doing an optional retest to check your progress.

WRTITEN FINAL EXAM: Taken at any time during normal, open hours, the week of May 26-29. Print the Study Guide from our website. Dictionaries, talking, and leaving the Fitness Center are not allowed during the exam. Not following these policies earns a “zero” on your exam. There are no make-up exams.

Attendance 150      180 – 200 A
Fitness Measures   20  160 – 179 B
+Final Exam       +30     140 – 159 C
 Final Grade      200 points  120 – 139    D



  • A CUB card and a workout towel (not a facecloth) are required for working out.
  • AFTER you have changed into workout clothes, give your CUB card to the front desk to check in.
  • On each visit, exercise at least 30 minutes to earn credit. Maximum possible credit per day is 2 hours.
  • When done exercising, pick up your card, get checked out, THEN change clothes.
  • If we close unexpectedly you cannot workout. But, sign in at the front desk to receive 60 minutes.
  • Use the link on our website to keep track of your hours. It is your responsibility to know where you stand. The website’s exercise log can only be checked from an on-campus computer Other links work anywhere.
  • Stretching and cycling is recommended to warm-up. Please do not warm-up on the recumbent bikes. After 10 minutes, we expect you to begin your circuit.
  • Please wipe each piece of equipment as you rotate.
  • Recommended number of repetitions on circuit machines = 12.
  • Each visit you are required to complete at least one full circuit.
  • Cardio equipment can be used only after your circuit, even if you did a circuit earlier in the day.
  • If people are waiting, there is a 15 minute limit per cardio machine. If needed, sign up lists will be provided.
  • We require minimum speeds on cardio equipment. Please refer to the speeds posted.
  • For your safety, only water and plastic containers are allowed.
  • Please no eating or chewing gum.
  • We ask that you do not read or talk on cell phones while in the Center. Focus on your workout.
  • We do not allow guests to exercise with you.
  • School policy states that children are not allowed in the Fitness Center or left unattended in the hallway.
  • Clothing requirements:
  • -Clean shirts with sleeves that cover your armpits, so no tank tops or half shirts.
    -Athletic shoes, so no sandals, boots, dance shoes or shoes with metal hook eyelets.
    -Clean athletic-style shorts, sweats, or pants, so no jeans, belts, or exposed metal.

  • Exercise to the best of your ability. Extended periods of inactivity or low activity, does not earn time credit.

Students with a verified disability who may need a reasonable accommodation(s) for this class are encouraged to notify the instructor and contact the Office of Special Services (CH 109, 323-953-4000 x2270) as soon as possible. All information will remain confidential.