This page includes
Circuit and Equipment Requirements
Checking In and Out
Food and Drink
Personal Items
Special Circumstances

All new students who are taking one of the Fitness Center classes for the first time are required to attend a 2-hour orientation. Students are not able to exercise until the orientation has been completed.

Wear exercise clothing to the orientation. Instruction will be given on the correct weight-lifting technique and adjusting the machines for proper body fit. Also, grading policies, final exam information, and policies will be covered. Two hours of exercise credit will be given for attending the orientation.

Each visit students are required to complete at least one circuit, which equals 12 machines and 12 bikes. One may start the circuit with any weight-training machine. Then, move through the equipment in a clockwise manner, alternating between lifting and pedaling. Machines should not be skipped.

We advise a minimum of 12 repetitions on each machine. This elevates the heart rate, increasing the cardiovascular intensity.

Cardiovascular equipment may be used after completing one full circuit. There is no time limit for exercising here, except, if people are waiting, we have a 15-minute time limit. Instructors have sign-up sheets to move people through the machines efficiently.

We require minimum speeds on cardio equipment, in order to promote a workout with sufficient intensity to obtain fitness benefits. The minimums are: Bikes – 70 rpm, Ellipticals – 120 strides/min, Treadmills – 3 mph, Stair Climbers – 60 steps/min.

Also, please remain seated and pedal forwards on the bicycles. This increases the bikes’ longevity.

  • You must have a CUB card. The card identifies you as enrolled in the class. We swipe the card to log your exercise hours with our card reader system. A CUB card is a photo ID and free to all students. You get one at the CUB Card Office, on the 1st floor of the Administration Building.
  • Swiping in and out is how we record your time, so make sure you give your CUB card to the front desk on each visit.
  • Swiping your card into our system is the only way you can keep track of your hours online. Remember it is your responsibility to keep up with your time.
  • We swipe you in when you start exercising. So, first, change clothes in the locker room and then check in at the front desk.
  • You must complete at least 30 minutes of exercise on each visit to receive any time credit. It takes about 25 minutes to complete 1 circuit.
  • The maximum credit per day is 2 hours.
  • If an instructor is absent, then we must close the Fitness Center. But, please sign in at the front desk to receive 60 minutes towards your time. We are apologetic that you will miss your workout.

We have a dress code to keep the equipment clean, prevent damages, and maintain a respectful atmosphere, appropriate for a college.

  • Athletic type shoes REQUIRED
  • Shirts with sleeves REQUIRED (No half shirts, torn shirts, sport bras, short shorts or mid-drift tops)
  • Athletic shorts, sweats, warm-ups, or leotards
  • Absolutely no street clothing with buttons, zippers or belts
  • Please remove all exposed, metal jewelry with sharp or blunt edges

We do not provide towels, so you are required to bring your own towel each time you exercise. To keep the equipment clean and hygienic, we ask that you wipe down the equipment when you finish. Your fellow exercisers will appreciate it! If you notice equipment that needs cleaning or sanitizing, please inform an instructor.

Please no food or drink (other than water) in the Fitness Center. If you do bring your own water, use a sport bottle or similar spill proof container.

All personal items must be stored in the locker area. They cannot be kept in the exercise area. Lockers are available in the Fitness Center for day use only. You must bring your own lock. We also have larger, non-locking cubbies for items such as rolling backpacks, skateboards, or musical instruments. We cannot keep personal items behind the counter while you exercise. Also, the Fitness Center or any of its staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Since the Fitness Center is an enrolled class, we are not able to accommodate guests, friends, or family members. Everyone must be enrolled in one of the classes to exercise.

It is college policy that children are not allowed in the Fitness Center. Also, children may not be left unattended in the hallways or other rooms in the building. For the safety and protection of your child, please make prior arrangements for childcare.

If you have a special circumstance, such as a family emergency, injury, or medical condition, please contact us. Also, if you have a verified disability and need reasonable accommodation(s) for this class please notify the Fitness Center Coordinator and contact the Office of Special Services (CH 109, 323-953-4000 x2270) as soon as possible. All information will remain confidential.