The English and ESL Department is committed to educating our diverse student population and preparing them for the multifaceted challenges of today’s world.
Degrees:  English AA-T & AA
Degree Description:
The English department offers courses in composition and critical thinking, as well as literature courses suitable for university and college transfer. In English 101, 102, and 103, students develop writing skills that demonstrate strong organization of argument (introduction, thesis, supportive paragraphs, and conclusion), sophisticated criticism and analyses of college level reading, which includes both literary works and philosophical discourses, and proper grammar use with emphasis on word and sentence style. English 127 and courses in the English 200 series focus on literature and the creative process, elevating critical thinking skills to include literary theory. These courses promote not only comprehensive learning, but also the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. They provide a mastery of basic skills, so that students achieve their occupational goals and are ready to face increasingly competitive demands of business and industry.
Degree Learning Outcomes:
The student will:
1. Read sophisticated college-level expository texts and works of literature that deal with various literary, historical, and cultural themes. Distinguish main ideas and supporting points; evaluate the persuasiveness of arguments and evidence; critique assumptions using critical thinking.  
2. Plan and write well-focused, logically organized, thoroughly developed, and coherent extended college level essays (1000-2000 words) that analyze, interpret, and compare concepts and that argue for or against a position; demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the writing process.  Vary sentence shape and structure for emphasis and effect; use all major forms of punctuation effectively, including colons.
3. Distinguish between different styles of written English and evaluate the appropriateness of a particular style, tone, or voice for a given audience.