Dietetic Technician PROGRAM          Mission and Goals


The Dietetics Program provides learners with multiple pathways that prepare them for entry into the field of Dietetics. The program offers educational opportunities that ready students for employment, transfer, advance study, and life-long learning to serve the ethnically diverse population of California.


1.  Prepare students for employment as entry-level Dietetic Technicians, Registered.

     Outcome Measure 1a. Over a 5-year period, at least 70% or more of DTP graduates who sought employment in dietetics will be employed within 3 months of program completion.

     Outcome Measure 1b. Over a 5 year period, the pass rate for the DTP graduates taking the registration examination for the first time will be at least 80%.

     Outcome Measure 1c. Ninety percent of employers will state that graduates demonstrate entry-level competency to practice dietetics.

     Outcome Measure 1d. Ninety percent of graduates will state they had entry-level competence to practice dietetics.

2. Prepare graduates to be successful in their careers by being able to use the latest technology.

     Outcome Measure 2a. One hundred percent of all Dietetics courses will include at least one form of computer technology or software.

     Outcome Measure 2b. One hundred percent of DT graduates will be able to word process, give professional PowerPoint presentations, use nutritional software, and use Excel.

     Outcome Measure 2c. When surveyed, eighty percent of DT graduates will state that they felt confident using the latest technology in their dietetics careers.

 3. Retain and graduate a diverse population of students.

     Outcome Measure 3a. Seventy percent or more of the Dietetic Technician students will complete all program requirements within 5 years of enrolling in the DTP as defined        by those enrolled in the second year, first semester courses.

    Outcome Measure 3b. The number of diverse students completing the program will be at least 40% of the total students graduating.

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