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The Dental Technology Program at Los Angeles City College was founded in 1965 and received full accreditation from American Dental Association (ADA) commission on dental accreditation (CODA) in 1967. The program maintained its full accreditation to present, remaining as one of the 19 accredited programs in the country and one of the two in California


The Dental Technology Department is operating in well equipped and highly specialized facilities, where instructors are able to demonstrate, instruct and train students in basic and advanced dental technologies.

Brand New Classrooms
We are one of the few programs of its kind to offer instruction in the computerized design (CAD) and fabrication (CAM) of the dental prosthesis. 
Students using CAD Software Students using CAD Software



The total number of students taking all dental technology courses yearly fluctuates between 250-300.

Each year a cohort of 18-20 students is admitted in the program and two cohorts every other year.

The students who apply for admission to Dental Technology Program are multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and varying ages. They present variation in academic back rounds, preparation learning atmosphere of support, guidance and immediate feedback to maximize the student’s potential to succeed in this field of choice.

The learning process is cumulative, experimental, uses current instructional theories and resources, and involves active student- instructor participation


LACC's Dental Technology program is one of only two community college programs in California accredited without reporting requirements by the Commission of Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, experienced faculty, and hands-on instruction, our program prepares students for a successful career in dental technology. Classes cover basic and advanced techniques and technology applied to the fabrication of dental prosthesis. Course instruction will also cover dental anatomy, materials, history, ethics, and lab management.Our curriculum is designed to ready students to pass the Recognized Graduate Exam.


LACC Dental Technology graduates placed 1st nationally in 2010 and 2011, among the schools participating in the Recognized Graduate (RG) portion of the Certified Dental Technologist (CDT) Exam given by the National board for Certification in Dental Technology (RGCDT). 

And LACC graduates scored an average of 82.5%


What is the RGCDT?

The RGCDT is the first step in becoming a Certified Dental Technologist as granted by the National Board of Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology. The exam is a general knowledge exam encompassing all areas of dental technology. Graduates sit for the RGCDT upon completion of their 2 year Dental Technology Program. 



Along with your education there are many additional opportunities for student members of the LACC Dental Technology Family. Among them are:


Awards and Scholarships -

These are offered through various organizations like

ADA - American Dental Association

CDA - California Dental Association

NADL - National Association of Dental Laboratories Foundation

ADA Award Winner AVES Award Winner


Workshops / Seminars -

Dental Manufactureres often request permission to conduct seminars and workshops, resulting in essential benefits for the  students. Student Participation is free and it gives students a chance to interact with potential employers and often gain employment opportunities.

Seminar / Workshop Seminar / Workshop


Community Outreach -

Through programs like the USC Dental Camp students are able to interact with Junior High students and introduce them to the Dental profession and all its branches.
USC Camp USC Camp
USC Camp


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