Electronics technologydegree and certificates

Los Angeles City College has been offering both a 2-year certificate and an Associate in Science degree in Electronics for over 50 years. We use a "hands-on" approach to ensure that practical skills are included in the program as well as the necessary theory. This information describes the programs and the courses required for both the certificate and the degree. The technical courses required by either are the same. The difference is that the degree requires additonal general education courses. Information on the degree process can be found in the college catalog.


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Associate in Science Degree
This curriculum provides for the study of the technical aspects of applied electronics and is designed for persons seeking employment as an electronic technician, electronic service technician, communications technician, customer engineer, radiologic electronics specialist, electronic test technician, electronic research and development technician, or electronics equipment representative.

Successful completion of this curriculum will equip the graduate with sufficient mathematics and theory to enter employment and achieve advancement in a variety of job titles. Laboratory and practical courses develop skills that are immediately useful to prospective employers and, as well, provide a foundation for more advanced skills which can be developed with a minimum of on-the-job training.

Students are expected to take the courses in the order shown below. This order guarantees that prerequisite courses are taken in advance of course where their skills are required. Typically, the First and Third Semester courses are offered in the Fall semester of a school year, and the Second and Fourth Semester courses are offered in the Spring of the year.




Computer Technology 1 (4)
Electronics 2 (3)
Electronics 4 * (4)
Electronics 10 * (3)

Electronics 6 ** (4)
Electronics 8 ** (4)
Electronics 12 (3)

Electronics 20 (4)
Computer Technology 20 (4)

Electronics 155 (4)

Plus 18 units of General Education Courses to complete the AS Degree.





* All majors are expected to take Electronics 4 and 10 in the same semester.

** All majors are expected to take Electronics 6 and 12 in the same semester.

Students are urged to obtain assistance from department faculty in planning their programs.

Suggested Electives: Computer Technology 36, Physics 11

Certificate Program

A certificate in Electronic Systems Technology will be issued by the Mathematics Department upon application by the student to the department with the successful completion of the following courses. All students must receive a grade of "C" or better to meet certificate requirements.

Computer Technology 1
Computer Technology 20
Electronics 2
Electronics 4
Electronics 6
Electronics 8
Electronics 10
Electronics 12
Electronics 20
Electronics 155