computer technology degree and certificates

Associate in Science Degree

The Computer Technology curriculum has been developed to provide training in the principles underlying the design of modern computer systems. The program presents theory of computer architecture and design, operation of equipment, and diagnostic programming. Emphasis is placed on essential electronics, design of digital systems used in robotics, automation and industrial control, data processing, and networking. Practical aspects of maintenance, troubleshooting, skills for printed circuit design and layout, system design and analysis, and integration of digital and analog systems are included.

Students are expected to take the courses in the order shown below. This order guarantees that prerequisite courses are taken in advance of course where their skills are required. Typically, the First and Third Semester courses are offered in the Fall semester of a school year, and the Second and Fourth Semester courses are offered in the Spring of the year.

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Computer Technology 1 (4)
Electronics 2 (3)
Electronics 4 (4)
Electronics 10 (3)

Computer Technology 20 (4)
Electronics 6 (4)
Electronics 8 (4)
Electronics 12 (3)

Computer Technology 30 (4)
Computer Technology 36 (4)

Electronics 156 (4)

Plus 18 units of General Education Courses to complete the AS Degree.

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Certificate Program

A Computer Technology certificate will be issued by the Mathematics Department upon application by the student to the department with the successful completion of the following courses. All students must receive a grade of "C" or better to meet certificate requirements.

Computer Technology 1
Computer Technology 20
Computer Technology 30
Computer Technology 36
Electronics 2
Electronics 4
Electronics 6
Electronics 8
Electronics 10
Electronics 12
Electronics 156
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