The computer science curriculum blends practice and theory in both hardware and software and provides good foundation in computer architecture, programming languages, structured and object-oriented methodologies, data structures, and problem solving with computers. Students successfully completing this curriculum will find many opportunities for employment in programming and application development area and can also transfer in junior standing to the computer science program at four-year universities.

Course Sequences

Spring and Fall Spring Only Fall Only
Summer Only


Semester 1

(CO SCI 103 is a prerequisite to required CO SCI courses and can be used to fulfill general education requirement)

Semester 2

Suggested Major Preparation: Physics 1 - Mechanics of Solids

  • Math 261 - Calculus 1

Semester 3

Suggested Major Preparation:

  • Philosophy 7, 8, or 9

Semester 4

Note: On approval by the Computer Science/Information Technology discipline, students may use Math 262, 263 and Physics 2,3 as substitute to any of the CO SCI requirements except CO SCI 139, CO SCI 140 (or 141), and CO SCI 136 as long as a minimum of 18 CO SCI units is met.

Additional Information: See Plan A for General Education Requirements.