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Welcome! If you have reached this page, that means you are interested in signing up for our classes online. Thanks to your interest, we have set up an online-based application. It's format that is similar to the form you fill out when you call us or mail in one. Please read the info below.

NOTE: this form is only intended for signing up for Community Services classes—NOT LACC's regular credit classes. To sign up for regular credit classes, please go to and click on "Register for Classes."


NEW! Receive an email confirmation of the information you submitted. Your application will still be processed at our offices, and you will be receiving your official confirmation receipt in the mail.

The button below will redirect you to a website outside of This form is secure—however we are not responsible for anything that may occur including but not limited to computer malfunction, identity compromise, improperly submitted information, loss of data, and the like.

This form is intended to collect information for the purpose of processing your application. We will not share this information with any outside parties for market or research. Promise.

Please read the directions given to you and fill out the required information fully and accurately to prevent problems processing your application. This form does not verify of validate any of your information, so please make sure you are accurate.

With this form, we only accept credit cards at this time. When you enter in your credit information, please make sure it is accurate.

The form does not save your information. If you wish to register for another class or person, you must fill out the form once again from the beginning.

Applications submitted Fridays after 6 pm may not be processed until the following business day, at least for now.

Applications submitted during the days we are closed may not be processed until the following day we are open.

When you are ready, please click the "Let's Begin!" button below. Thank you again for your interest in Community Services.

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