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What expenses, other than tuition, will I have in the Television program?

You will be responsible for all books, video tape and out-of-pocket costs. Go to Television Course Descriptions for approximations of these costs. While we supply the equipment, facilities and expertise, you pay for the video stock and other expenses

What facilities does the Television program have?

Television has two three-camera studios with teleprompters, character generators and switchers.  Studio B is digital Hi-Definition. Additionally there are several  iMac digital non-linear editing systems for advanced students.

How many television faculty members do you have?

We have one full-time and several adjunct instructors in Television.  All have extensive experience in the industry.

How many students are in the Television program?

There are about 100 students.

What Television classes should I take the first semester?

We strongly suggest you enroll in Television 1, 4, and 9. After completing these, you are eligible for the intermediate classes. If working towards your A. A. degree as a full-time student, you might wish to take a general education or Cinema class as well.

Will I be able to make television productions at LACC?

Yes, the Television Program is very hands-on oriented. In the first semester, you will make short studio productions and learn the technical aspects of studio work. In subsequent semesters, you have several opportunities to make longer productions in the studio. The major emphasis in the Television program is the making of multiple-camera studio productions.

Will I be able to get the Television classes I want?

Entry level students should have little trouble enrolling in Television 1, 4, and 9. But if the class is full, go to the first meeting and see if there might be room.  Intermediate and advanced classes have enrollment restrictions and continuing LACC Television students have enrollment priority in these classes. But we try to accommodate all students. If you aren't able to get into a particular class during one semester, you'll have other choices. You'll probably be able to enroll in your desired class the next semester.

When can I shoot in digital video?"

We suggest you take Cinema 2 for your beginning single-camera training in digital video. If you wish to take further single-camera classes in digital video, Television 55 (Same as Cinema 33) is best for you. Students shoot and edit short DV projects. You can use the school equipment (iMacs with  Final Cut  and Canon  Vixia  HD cameras) or use your own. Digital video is incorporated into the intermediate and advanced studio classes as well. The major emphasis in the Television program is the making of multiple-camera studio productions.

Will I own the television production(s) I make at LACC?

Yes, you will own the projects you produce at LACC. You retain the rights but you are responsible for obtaining actors releases and music rights, etc.

Do I need to buy video equipment?

Most of the television productions are done in the studio, with LACC studio equipment. You may wish to buy your own digital video camera to shoot location footage to supplement your studio work.

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August 24, 2013