Frequently Asked Questions


What Cinema classes should I take the first semester?

We suggest you take Cinema 1, 2, 3 and 4 so that you will have your choice of intermediate classes the next semester. Until you have completed all four classes with a grade of "C" or better, you mqy not be able to take the intermediate and advanced classes. However, you are not required to take all four classes in one semester. Because of time restrictions, some students take two classes the first semester, two more the second, and then start the intermediate classes the third semester.  Others take only one class per semester.

Will I be able to get the Cinema classes I want?

We make every effort to enroll you in the class you want. Entry level students will be able to easily enroll in Cinema 1, 2, 3, and 4. We make every effort to ensure that our beginning program is large enough to accept all new students but the Cinema 2 classes have limited space so we suggest you enroll early. If you are unable to enroll in a beginning class because it is full, go to the first class meeting and ask the instructor to add you. Intermediate and advanced classes have definite enrollment restrictions and continuing LACC Cinema students have enrollment priority in these classes. However, we try to accommodate by offering classes, both day and night, or adding sections. If you are not able to get into a particular class one semester, you will have plenty of other choices. In most cases, if you are a continuing LACC student, you will be able to get into the desired class the next semester.

What type of facility does Cinema have at LACC?

We have a modern production facility that includes a 95 seat theater with 16mm, 35mm and digital video projection systems. In addition we have two multi-station non-linear computer labs (25 and 27 stations), a professional soundstage, additional projection and mixing rooms and numerous film and digital non-linear editing suites.

How many faculty members do you have you have?

Cinema has four full-time and twelve adjunct professors. Eight of our instructors teach at other well-known film schools in the Los Angeles area. Most are currently working in the industry. All have had extensive experience in the film business.

How many students are in Cinema?

There are about 400-450 students.

What other expenses will I have in Cinema other than tuition?

You will be responsible for all books, video tape, film stock, developing and out-of-pocket expenses. Go to Cinema Course Descriptions for cost approximations. While we are able to supply the production equipment, facilities and expertise, you are responsible for all other other expenses

Will I be able to make films at LACC?

Yes, the Cinema Program is very hands-on oriented. In the first semester, you will make three short digital projects in Cinema 2. In subsequent semesters, you have several opportunities to make short  digital video productions.

Will I own the film(s) I produce at LACC?

Yes, you will own any film you produce at LACC.  You will retain the rights to your film but you will be responsible for obtaining actors releases and getting music rights, etc.

Can I make a feature film at your school?

No, we only allow short film projects. But there are no other restrictions if the script is approved by the instructor.

Do I need to buy digital video camera equipment?

While we have systems to loan out, we suggest you purchase your own  digital video camera and tripod for convenience. Cinema 2 requires only a simple video camera but you can buy a more sophisiticated camera if you wish. Prices for digital video cameras vary from $300 to $5.000 depending upon sophistication.  (If you plan purchase or already have a digital video camera and plan to use our editing facility , please contact us regarding compatibility with our editing lab).  For Cinema 2, we have 25 editing stations (iMacs with iMovie 6) but you are welcome to edit the projects on your own systems elsewhere if so desired. For just over $1,000 you can buy an excellent iMac editing system. Students enrolled in Cinema 33/Television 55 have the use of a 26 station lab with Final Cut  and Canon Vixia  HD cameras. Cinema 32 (Editing Fundamentals) students must edit the assigned projects in our lab using Final Cut.

Will I use digital equipment beyond the first semester?

Yes, you'll be using digital equipment throughout the program. See the course descriptions.

When can I shoot in digital video?

The first class in digital video is Cinema 2 which is available to beginning Cinema students. Class members shoot and edit short digital video projects. You can use the school equipment (iMacs with iMovie HD and Canon ZR or Vixia cameras) or use your own. See Cinema Course Descriptions for details.

Will I shoot my advanced film on digital video?

Yes, you will shoot your project on digital video and most do.

When do I have access to portable sound equipment?

We don't give out sound equipment in the first semester, but in some subsequent classes you will have access to Fostex DATS and Fostex FR-2 hard-drive recording systems with microphones and booms.

Can I check out light kits?

In the beginning class (Cinema 2) we'll give you information about low cost lighting options, but we do not have light kits available. We do loan out professional light kits in Cinema 6, Cinema 7, Cinema 33 and Television 55

August 24, 2013