Early Literacy Library & Lab

Using the resources of the children’s library founded in 2001, students in child development can participate in a lab class to gain knowledge of high quality children’s literature and authors as well as experience in developing pre-literacy and early learning skills for preschool children. The library contains 2500 children’s books, cds, teacher resource books, parenting books, puppets, flannel stories and props to assist students in developing lesson plans and activities for classes and workplace sites. Students will have opportunities to create developmentally appropriate activities in language arts, creative arts, math and science, music, dramatic play and social studies under the supervision of a trained literacy professional.

Carmela bosko serves as the children’s librarian and literacy lab instructor. She has a masters degree in speech and hearing science with a minor in psychology, is a licensed speech, language clinician and taught preschool for several years. She is highly enthusiastic about teaching children and adults how to love books and reading.

Child Development