Child development
Training Consortium (CDTC)


1. Are taking classes in Child Development or General Education with the goal of a Child Development Permit. And

2. Are currently working in a paid position in a program-serving infants through kindergarten, or work with school age in a before or after school programs.

Please fill out the CDTC Participant Profile [PDF] as follows. Incomplete applications will not be considered for processing.

Part A. You, the student, fills out this section.

1. Abbreviated city names are not accepted, example: LA should be completely spelled out as Los Angeles.

2. Fill in all Career Information questions.

Part B. Your employer fills out this section. Please have them fill in each space answering all questions.

1. Abbreviated county names are not accepted, example: LA should be completely spelled out as Los Angeles.

2. Employing Agency Address should be complete and not abbreviated.

3. Applications WILL NOT be accepted without a Facility License Number, or basis of license exemption.

4. Be sure the Program Director or Family Childcare Provider prints their NAME and Title along with their signature in the spaces provided.

Part C. You, the student fills, out this section.

1. Current Enrollment Information should include Course Title and Name of Instructor.

2. If you are receiving Financial Aid, you must fill in the type of aid for your application to be considered complete.

3. Be sure to sign your name and date in the space provided.

IMPORTANT! Something new. For auditing purposes we have been told by the State Child Development Training Consortium Coordinator that ORIGINAL Registration receipts and Book receipts must be submitted with application to be considered for full or partial reimbursement.

Please return application and evaluations to AD 200. DUE ASAP Any further questions contact K. Bimber at (323) 953-4000 ext. 2290 or N. Washburn at (323) 953-4000 ext. 2296

Downloadable documents

English Matrix [PDF]
Chinese Matrix [PDF]
Spanish Matrix [PDF]

Permit Eligibility and Application [PDF]
Participant Profile 08-09 [PDF]