Faculty and Staff

Keli Miller
Chairperson, Family & Consumer Studies
Child Development Building 203
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2299
e-mail: millerkm@lacitycollege.edu

Keli Miller, Department Chair of Family and Consumer Studies/Child Development at LACC, completed her BA degree in Human Development and Psychology at the University of California Riverside and attended graduate school at both Iowa State University and California State University Los Angeles, earning an MA in Child Development. Mrs. Miller has been teaching part time for the Child Development Department at LACC since the spring semester of 2002 and became a full time faculty member in the fall of 2006.

Her experience in the field of early childhood education includes teaching preschool and administration of early childhood programs, both privately funded and public. As the administrator of two early education centers for LAUSD, she had the opportunity to supervise a Los Angeles Universal Preschool program, an early childhood inclusion program, as well as other state and federally funded programs.

Outside of teaching, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, swing dancing, taking classes for personal and professional development, walking and hiking with her two dogs, and watching her husband play baseball.

Cheryl Werble Cheryl Werble, Vice Chairperson
Professor, Child Development
Child Development Building 208
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2292

Professor Cheryl Werble completed her undergraduate work in Child Development at California State University Northridge. In 1975 she joined the faculty of the Los Angeles City College Campus Child Development Center. While teaching young children, she continued her education at the University of Southern California earning a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education and an Early Childhood Education Teaching Credential. In 1987 she became a full time faculty member of the Family & Consumer Studies/Child Development Department at LACC.

Mrs. Werble teaches Child Growth and Development and Programs/Curriculum courses. Her contribution to the Family & Consumer Studies/Child Development Department includes serving as Vice Chair for the Child Development discipline, and coordinating the Early Literacy Lab and Children’s Library. Additionally she is a coordinator of the CA Early Childhood Mentor Program, and a co-coordinator of the TANF Child Development Careers Program. She is enthusiastic about teacher education and eager to prepare students to enter the profession of early childhood education and care.

Nancy Washburn Nancy Washburn
Associate Professor, Child Development
Child Development Building 205
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2296
E-mail: washbune@lacitycollege.edu

Nancy Washburn received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Master’s degree in Education from Cal. State University at L.A. She also holds an Elementary teaching credential. Nancy was adjunct faculty at Glendale Community College and LACC before becoming full time in 2000. For the sixteen previous years she taught Parenting classes and various workshops on Parenting and Conflict Resolution. In earlier years Ms. Washburn also taught in a State Preschool program. During these years she also raised three children. Nancy coordinates the Certificate program for the Child Development Dept. and co-coordinates the Child Development Training Consortium. Her particular interest is teaching the skills necessary to provide the positive guidance and interaction that young children need to grow to add to society and to reach their full potential. Outside of LACC she can be found climbing mountain peaks, running and spending time with family.

Mary E. Skousen-Radford
Assistant Professor, Child Development
Child Development Building 203
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2297

Mary has been teaching at Los Angeles City College for the past seven years. She comes to LACC a rich history in Early Childhood programs, science teaching, and knowledge of teaching methodolgies. Mary presently teaches Early Childhood Curriculum courses and a Child Growth and Development course, and supervises the Curriculum Lab. She is a member of Academic Senate, and is working on a WASC Accreditation team. Mary enjoys teaching, and the time spent with students!

Kathleen Bimber, Professor, Child Development
Child Development Building 202
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2290
bimberkr@lacitycollege.edu, earned her B.A. degree at California State University, Northridge and her M.A. in Education with a Specialization in Education at Pepperdine University. She has worked directly with children and families for over thirty three years as a teacher, mentor teacher, and director of preschool/school age programs. In addition to work with children and families she has taught at LACC for over 12 years as a Professor of Child Development. She is currently the department chair and co-coordinates several grants as the Child Development Training Consortium, TANF-CDC and the AA to BA program for Child Development students. She is active in several organizations that support the field of Child Development such as the California Community College Early Childhood Educators and sits on the State Chancellor’s Child Development Advisory Committee.

In recognition of her excellence in teaching and community service she received the Hayward Award for Excellence in Education, from the California Community College Academic Senate and the NISOD Award, sponsored by the CCAC Faculty Professional Development. Her record of active participation on campus, commitment to open access and support for diverse learners helped her win this recognition.

Patricia S. Schmolze
Professor, Child Development
Child Development Building 200
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2294
Email: schmolps@lacitycollege.edu

Patricia S. Schmolze is a Professor of Child Development at Los Angeles City College. Ms. Schmolze received her BA in Behavioral Sciences from Mount Angel College, Oregon and her M.A. in Child Development from California State University, Los Angeles and is currently in the Doctoral Program at the University of Southern California Rossier School Of Education. Ms. Schmolze is a Resource for Infant Educarers (RIE) trained Associate.

At Los Angeles City College, Professor. Schmolze is a member of the Student Learning Outcome and Assessment Team and the Child Development AA to BA Degree Partnership Program Team. In addition to preparing Child
Development students to become practitioners in Early Childhood Education, she is dedicated to the concept of life long learning and professional development.. Ms. Schmolze is an Ambassador for the California Education Technology Consortium (CETC) a CCC Systems Office program and a Professional Development Committee Member for the Faculty Association for California Community Colleges (FACCC).

Patricia enjoys time with family and friends, a good laugh, art and literature. She also enjoys writing and has published articles in the fields of student learning and early childhood education.