Child Development
Advisory Committee

LACC 2007-2008 Child Development Advisory Committee Meeting

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited.”

November 16, 2007

In Attendance:

1. Bimber, Kathleen  Chair, F&CS
2. Blanks, L. Carole Personal Specialist ECE, LAUSD
3. Bosko, Carmela  LACC Children’s Librarian
4. Burke Kelly, Dr. Kathleen LACC Vice President
5. Campoy, Letty  LACC TANF CDC
6. Choi, Jennifer LACC Child Development Faculty
7. Chua, Cherry  LACC Child Development Faculty
8. Cooper, Renatta LA County Office of Child Care
9. Covington, Marcia LACC Student 
10. De La Fuente, Lesbia  Director Camino Nuevo Charter Academy
11. Galope, Richard Dean, Workforce Education
12. Gavaldon, Rebecca LACC Mentor Teacher
13. Grey, Joanne LACC Child Development Instructional Lab
14. Griffith, Renesha LACC Student
15. Hasegawa, Evy LACC Articulation Officer
16. Jones, Allison LACC Dean, Academic Affairs
17. Kreuss, Gary Ascending Lights Scholarship
18. Lopez, Dr. Edward Cal State Los Angeles
19. Lowneds, Melisa  LACC Student
20. Luther, Mary Ed. Coordinator, Foundation for Early Childhood
21. Parsakar, Sandy LACC Counselor
22. Sarkisova, Ritta  LACC Student
23. Sburlan, Aura LACC Child Development Faculty/Mentor Teacher
24. Schmolze, Patty LACC Child Development Faculty
25. Skousen-Radford, Mary LACC Child Development Faculty
26. Tuszynski, Pamela  Director, Hollywood Pres. Children’s Center
27. Valdez, Avery  LAUSD Early Education Center
28. Valenzuela, Sally Pathways Resource & Referral
29. Washburn, Nancy LACC Child Development Faculty
30. Werble, Cheryl Vice Chair, F&CS
31. Wright-Miller, Keli  LACC Child Development Faculty
  1. Cheryl welcomed the participants and mentioned this was a time to refresh ourselves as a Child development community.
  2. The following representatives from the LACC campus administration were introduced by Kathleen Bimber, Family Consumer Studies/Child Development Chair:
a. Kathleen Burke-Kelly, Vice-President of Academic Affairs, welcomed all participants.
b. Allison Jones, dean of Academic Affairs greeted the committee and praised the coordination between the community and the Child Development Department.
  1. Mary Skousen-Radford led participants in introducing themselves and the agencies they represent.
  2. Kathleen Bimber introduced the state community college Child Development Alignment Project. This Project is an effort statewide to promote agreement on a 24 unit core in Child Development which will facilitate continuity within teacher preparation programs and eventually ease transfer to CSU’s. Kathleen presented a power point outlining the 8 subject matter areas. (Child, family and Community; Health, Safety and Nutrition; Observation and Assessment; Principles and Practices; Teaching in a Diverse Society; Child Growth and Development; Introduction to Curriculum; and Practicum)
  3. Patty Schmolze instructed participants at each table to list teacher preparation outcomes for their subject area The table topics were taken from the alignment project and were the following:
a. Child Development and Learning (typical and atypical)
b. School, Family and community Partnerships
c. Observation and Assessment
d. Curriculum Development (including culturally responsive and adaptive curriculum)
e. Professional Skills, Ethical Standards, and Behaviors
f. Teaching Young Children
g. Equity, Fairness and Diversity
h. Positive Guidance
i. Health, Safety and Nutrition

Participants added Learning outcomes associated with each topic at their table. The emphasis was on skills and abilities that teachers need to process after completing 24 units in Child Development
  1. The top recommendations made to the Child Development Department from the Advisory Committee were the following:
a. Provide training and information for working with dual language learners.
b. Coordination in advisement between CSU’s and Community Colleges and continued creativity in providing counseling and counseling opportunities.
c. Continued communication with our Department to provide an educated workforce for teachers and substitute teachers.
d. Explore teaching Child Development classes at a large school in the community. Ex. Camino Nuevo.
e. Continue to educate students about culturally sensitive communication in their work with families.
f. Educating students in professional responsibilities and ethical content and behavior in the classrooms with children.
g. Exploring and providing resources for Family Day Care providers for ‘next step’ classes or training
  1. Folders:

a. Cheryl Werble, prepared folders for each member in attendance and pointed out the folder contents:

1. Spring Child Development class schedule Spring ‘08
2. Lab brochure with available workshops
3. Faculty contact information
4. TANF brochure for Child Development Careers
5. Information on Mentoring Program CA Early Childhood (CAEC) Mentoring
6. Child Development Training Consortium Information
7. Current Early Childhood and School Age Permit Matrix


a. Renata Cooper, from the County of Los Angeles, Office of Child Care shared two programs:

1. Investing in Early Educators, stipend program and
2. Steps to Excellence Project, a new quality care assessment tool being piloted.
b. Lesbia de La Fuente from Camino Nueva shared information about the charter school, which serves preschool through high school.
c. Carol Blanks, from LAUSD, shared that they are looking for teachers, aids and administrators.
d. Pathways Resource and Referral shared there mission and programs.
e. Aura Sburlan spoke about the LA City College CD center and the new building.

The participants were thanked for their participation and counsel.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Washburn    

Los Angeles City College Annual Child Development Advisory Committee

Last Name, First Name : Title:
1. Abelson, Cathy Ellis Recruitment, Bright Horizons
2. Alvarez Wendy LACC Mentor teacher
3. Anderson, Carmela Sainz Dir. Of instruction ECD Los Angeles Unified School District
4. Bimber Kathleen Chair, F&CS/Child Dev. Dept.
5. Blanks, L. Carole Personal Specialist ECE
6. Bosko, Carmela Children’s Librarian
7. Burke-Kelly, Kathleen Vice President, Academic Affairs
8. Campoy, Letty Los Angeles City College
9. Ceja-Montes, Graciela LACC Mentor Teacher
10. Choi, Jennifer Ch. Dev. Faculty
11. Chua, Cherry LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty
12. Colato, Silvia LACC Mentor teacher
13. Coleman, I Mary LACC Faculty
14. Cooper, Renatta LA. County office of Child Care
15. Cruz-Duran, Yanira LACC Mentor teacher
16. Cruz, Margoth LACC Mentor teacher
17. Ducoing, Rosey Para los Niño’s
18. Fields, Stephanie LAUSD Teacher Trainer
19. Gavaldon, Rebecca LACC Mentor teacher
20. Geuvjehizian, Ripsime LACC Mentor teacher
21. Guerra, Cynthia Ass. Education Coordinator
22. Hanifan, Jessi Laurel Early Learning Center
23. Harris, Rear Glendale Unified School district
24. Hasegawa, Evy LACC Articulation Officer
25. Hernandez, Elvia LACC Mentor Teacher
26. Jones, Allison Dean of Academic affairs
27. Kiel-Smith Wilma Dir. Hoover Intergenerational
28. Kirt, Sam Children’s Institute
29. Kreuss, Marjorie Ascending Lights Scholarship
30. Kreus, Gary Ascending Lights Scholarship
31. Linares, Cristine LACC Mentor teacher
32. Linares, Patty LACC Mentor Teacher
33. Lowe, Felice LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty
34. Luther, Mary Education Coordinator Foundation of Early Childhood
35. Mahmound, Asiya LACC Mentor Teacher
36. Monterroso, Doris LAUP, ELAC & LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty
37. Melton, Jane Director
38. Memel, Elizabeth LACC Child Dev.Faculty
39. Dr. Metoyer Williams, Evelyn The Jeffrey Foundation
40. McColley, Gretchen Paramount Child Care Center
41. Monge, Haydee LACC Mentor teacher
42. Montano, Lisa Para Los Ninos
43. Moore, Jamillah LACC, President
44. Morrow, Susan  
45. Nava, Maria LACC Mentor teacher
46. Nissin Ariela LACC Counselor AA-BA
47. Oliva-Garcia, Claudia LACC Mentor Teacher
48. Ortiz, Julia LACC Mentor Teacher
49. Parks, Lily Pathways Resource & Referral
50. Ponciano, Leslie Cal State
51. Pogosyan-Ter, Aykanush LACC Mentor teacher
52. Radford-Skousen, Mary LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty
53. Rabiroff, Melanie Principal Grant Early Education Center
54. Real, Flor Human Resources
55. Risher, Jeanette Education Consultant
56. Ruiz, Vangie LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty
57. Ruiz, Yolanda LACC Mentor teacher
58. Saatjian, Takouhey LACC Dir. Mentor
59. Sburlan, Aura LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty LACC Mentor Teacher
60. Schmolze, Patty LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty
61. Schoor, Laura LACC Campus Ch. Dev. Center
62. Sell, Mariko LACC Children’s Center
63. Slaughter, Celestine Dir. Plymouth School
64. Strafaci, Sue Parker Braille Institute
65. Sun, Cynthia Para Los Ninos Pico Union Preeschool
66. Terzyan, Tina LACC Mentor teacher LACC Mentor selection Comm.
67. Thomas-Italiano, Graciela Ed. D. Executive Director
68. Tibbs, Argelia Foundation Head Start LACC Mentor teacher
69. Tuszynski, Pamela Dir. Hollywood Pres Children’s Center
70. Uribe, Deborahn r Foundation Head start LACC Mentor teache
71. Vasquez, Leonor LACC Ch. Dev. Instructor
72. Washburn, Nancy LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty
73. Williams, Joanna University of California School for early childhood
74. Wright Miller, Keli LACC Ch. Dev. Faculty
75. Zepeda, Marlene Cal. State Los Angeles


Child Development