marketingAbout Our Marketing Programs & The Industry
Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in marketing and related areas such as market research, advertising, sales, retail, wholesale, customer relations, shipping and receiving, and transportation.


Marketing, market research, and advertising are the arts and science of understanding what products and services people want or need then convincing them to purchase those products or services from your organization. Marketing and advertising professionals work in virtually every industry within particular organizations or for agencies with diverse clients. Salaries typically range from $28,000 to beyond $100,000 annually depending on the position and experience required.


Whether in retail, wholesale, products or services, salespeople use the positive impressions and tools created by marketing to secure new customers and to ensure that existing clients are satisfactorily serviced. Sales people typically work on a combination of salary and commission or just commission. Salaries range on from approximately $19,000 to well in excess of $80,000.


While sales representatives bring business in the door, it is good customer service that retains the business. Customer service professionals also work in a wide variety of industries assisting customers and problem solving. The company knowledge required to be an effective customer service person frequently opens opportunities for advancement within the department or other areas of an organization.

Associate in Arts:

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Business Administration,Finance & Banking, Management, Marketing and Real Estate.


Automated Accounting Technician, Business Administration, Finance & Banking, Management, Retail Management, Small Business Management,  Marketing, Real Estate - Finance Specialization, Real Estate - Investment  Specialization, and Real Estate - Marketing Specialization.

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