Legal Office Assistant Training


Enhance your skills and employability! Enroll in the following classes and get a Basic Legal Office Certificate!

bullet CAOT 23 (Legal Office Procedures)
bullet CAOT 93 (Legal Document Production)

Prerequisites apply. Contact Professor Yonge at or (323) 953-4000, ext. 2909.

Legal Office Assistant Training

The legal field is one of the hottest occupational areas in the 21st Century and jobs are plentiful. Attorneys, courts, banks, manufacturers, movie studios, record companies—all these businesses need people with a legal background and fine-tuned legal skills. Even if you don't intend to work in the legal field, you will benefit from taking legal classes in the CAOT Department. You will learn about procedures, preparing legal documents, the courts, family law, lawsuits, and many other topics that will help you manage your daily life.


In our department, we offer Legal Office Procedures, CAOT 23, and Legal Document Production, CAOT 93. Both courses will help you obtain employment in the legal field and earn a Basic Legal office Certificate after completing just these two classes. 

We also offer the more advanced  Legal Office Assistant Specialty Certificate and a Legal Office Assistant Associate of Arts Degree .

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