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Student Internship Partnerships in CAOT!

The CAOT Department is actively seeking qualified student candidates to participate in our Internship Partnership program. We would like to help you make the leap from “going to school” to “going to work" by creating a partnership between you, the CAOT Department, and a business. We believe that with an “Internship Partnership” we can create a win-win situation where a you can achieve much needed experience in the “real world” and earn unit credit by working at a local business and that business can gain a prospective skilled, experienced future employee.

Weekly Hours



5 hours a week for 5 weeks   1 unit
5 hours per week for 10 weeks   2 units
5 hours per week for 15 weeks   3 units

If this Internship Partnership interests you, please contact Assistant Professor Brenda Bell. Click here to download the Internship Agreement form. Click here to download the time log form.

Faculty Openings in CAOT!

NewPlease go to to see post for any full-time job opening in the CAOT Discipline.

The CAOT Department is actively seeking qualified candidates to serve as adjunctTeacher faculty on an on-going basis. We are also interested in building a database of qualified applicants for long-term substitute positions as well as probationary positions. Please visit our AFT site to see a listing of our excellent salary schedule and benefits.

We would love to hear from you! Prospective employees should send their resumes to our chairperson, Dr. Thelma Day, directly via email or send a letter of application and resume to the following address:

Business Administration, CAOT Discipline
Los Angeles City College
855 N. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029

In order to be considered for any position you must fill out an employment packet and be included in the Los Angeles Community College District employment pool. Please call (213) 891-2000 and ask for the Eligibility Section for the LACCD employment packet to get into the pool.

Please take time to visit The Registry, which is a large scale database containing the names, qualifications and desired position(s) of potential California Community College (CCC) faculty and administrative job applicants. The database is extensively utilized by the 71 CCC Human Resources offices, representing the 107 California Community Colleges. Their web site provides a number of services for individuals seeking employment as a faculty member or administrator at a California Community College. Please click here to go to the registry.