CAOT hall of fame



Carla Rossi

Thanks to Los Angeles City College, I earned an education that enabled me to start a wonderful new career as a Legal Secretary Trainee at Latham and Watkins in downtown Los Angeles. My story begins in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I had been professionally bartending for 15 years. I reached a point in my life where I wanted to explore new things, and California seemed like a great place to start. I also decided to go back to school and obtain an education that would be valuable to me as a person, as well as for my future. I found Los Angeles City College over the internet and enrolled in the paralegal program.

On August 21, 2000, I landed in Los Angeles with nothing except my two suitcases. I arrived in Los Angeles on a Saturday, moved into a new apartment that Monday, started a new job Monday night, and on Tuesday found myself in class at Los Angeles City College!!! While attending LACC, I started taking CAOT classes and found out that I really love word processing and computers.

During the end of my paralegal program, I started looking for employment. It is really hard to get a job in the law profession without any experience as paralegal or a legal secretary. I had been working part-time as a file clerk for a law firm in Glendale, but that was only good enough to get myself a job as a file clerk!! Finally Latham & Watkins phoned me for an interview as a Legal Secretary Trainee. I had to go through three interviews. The first interview was a three hour test of my word processing and computer skills. If I had not taken classes through the CAOT Department, I never would have gotten the job!!

So thanks to Los Angeles City College I now have a paralegal certificate as well as the skills I needed to gain a new career that has enriched my life in so many ways.

Carla Rossi

Karen Diaz

Karen was a student worker and took legal classes in the CAOT Department. She now has a wonderful job at a legal receptionist at the law firm of Guzin & Steier on Wilshire & Rossmore. She loves her job and the opportunity to learn. In two months, Karen will become a legal assistant trainee. Karen says that everything she learned at LACC is being refreshed and reinforced at her job. She feels great that she can recognize terms and procedures, etc.

Naoe Okubo

Naoe Okubo was born in Osaka, Japan, and Vase although she has been a U.S. citizen for many years, she still loves Japan and things Japanese. She designed, manufactured, and distributed fashions for New York City boutiques. Naoe designed the two-piece kimono that Benihana waitresses wear to this day.

Naoe has many talents. She was also honored last spring at our annual Certificates and Awards Program for her outstanding achievements in CAOT 88, Desktop Publishing. She designed and created an ingenious brochure publicizing LACC. She also designed the cover for the Fall 2000 Schedule of Classes. We are very proud of her! 

Gladys Cano


Mrs. Gladys Cano immigrated from Ecuador in 1978. She is married and was working full time while raising three children and going to school. It took her ten years to finish her A.A. degree, but her determination and work ethic saw her through. Here are Gladys' personal thoughts for living:  "Always believe in yourself and remember that the world is wide, large, and that conquering it is a life challenge!"

Senior Secretary for the Dean of Student Activities and Support Programs, LACC

Gladys received an Associate in Arts degree in Office Administration, Executive Secretary, in 1996 along with an Administrative Secretary Certificate. She was our keynote speaker in 1991 at our Certificate and Awards Program. She is working successfully as a Senior Secretary for the Dean of Student Activities and Support Programs right here at LACC. Now we go to her for help.

Harry Manos

Harry Manos received his BA and MA degrees from CSULA and was a teacher and department chairperson in science and mathematics in the Montebello Unified School District in Southern California for 32 years. He introduced new, innovative courses into the curriculum such as Honors Physics, Advanced Placement Physics, Pre-Calculus, Advanced Placement Calculus BC, and Japanese. 

He has published extensively, and his articles appear in journals internationally. As a recognized leader in science education, he has been invited to speak at numerous science education conferences where he has given over 100 papers and workshops.

Mr. Manos has reinvented himself by studying the latest computer programs and taking classes at LACC in Advanced Digital Imaging, Computer Graphics, Desktop Publishing, AutoCAD, Power Point, Quark Express, and Web Page Design. You might recognize one of his computer graphic designs, which was the cover for the our Spring 2001 class schedule. Click here to see the Web site he created for CAOT 112, Web Page Design, which will serve as a model for students who follow him. 

Yelgy Parada

Yelgy Parada's success story is one we are proud to share. Yelgy, a native of EI Salvador, came to California in 1985. Although she had earned an education in her own country, she had to start all over again in this country. And so she began her education at LACC. Her first goal was to learn English. She then took classes in the Office Administration Department where she earned a Computer Applications Specialist Certificate, which opened many doors to her. 

With her new skills mastered, she quickly found employment as a student worker on campus. In 1989 Yelgy earned an A.A. degree in liberal arts and became a full-time employee in the Disabled Student Programs and Services at City College. She continued her formal education, her classified career,  and raised two young children. She earned a B.A. in 1991 and an M.A. in 1994 in Spanish from California State University, Los Angeles. 

In 1995, Yelgy started a part-time position in the Foreign Languages and Humanities Department. In 1996 she decided to concentrate fully on teaching, resigned her classified position, and began teaching part time.  In June 2000, she joined to the Foreign Languages and Humanities Department as a full-time instructor. She has come full circle at LACC by starting out as a student, a support staff employee, a part-time instructor, and now a full-time professor. Yelgy says that the key to her successful journey was the support and encouragement of her family, teachers, friends, and co-workers at Los Angeles City College. 


Marv Hoffman, Walter Straub, and Rahim and Nafees Sabadia

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Mr. Marv Hoffman who has made several generous contributions to our department and has also spearheaded the generous contributions made by Mr. Straub and Mr. and Mrs. Sabadia. The CAOT Department received 35 new computers in the spring of 2000 and many upgrades to our labs in past semesters. Our students and our entire department would like to express our heartfelt thanks for such generosity. This very special Hall of Fame entry is dedicated to the generous support and donations made by the following benefactors:

bullet Mr. Marv Hoffman, CEO, XXCal.
bullet Mr. Walter Straub, CEO, Rainbow Technologies, Inc.
bullet Rahim and Nafees Sabadia. Mr. Sabadia is the president of Sabtech Computers. 


The Gregg Reference Manual, Ninth Edition, by William A. SabinEvery year, the CAOT Department holds our annual Certificates and Awards Program to honor our outstanding CAOT students who have earned our specialty and expert certificates, keyboarding certificates, and other special awards. Doug Hughes, Editorial Director and his predecessors Manny Washington and Karen Wright, Vice-Presidents of Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, each year since 1996 have generously donated copies of The Gregg Reference Manual to be presented to our students to support their quest for higher education. We appreciate Mr. Hughes' efforts and the support of Irwin and Glencoe very much!

Course Technology

Every year, the CAOT Department holds our annual Certificates and Awards Program to honor our outstanding CAOT students who have earned vocational certificates, degrees, and other special awards. Course Technology has sponsored a scholarship fund for qualified students for the past few years. We appreciate Mr. Iain Macdonald's efforts in making this scholarship a reality and supporting our students and department