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Full Tilt Statement

"The term “tilting” was first used to describe what most of us know as jousting. An English author in 1511 wrote about knights preparing for the “tylte” and half the phrase was born. Obviously the name of the game in jousting is to knock the other guy off of his horse by tilting him off to the side so he falls, hence the name. When the sport became more popularly known as jousting and the actual poles the knights held were called “tilts” the phrase “full tilt” came into use when both guys were charging at one another with their poles leveled."


Spring has the aura of inducing passionate responses and gives the feeling of "Let's Do This" for accomplishing new challenges. This student exhibition is being done kamikaze style. The term kamikaze applies to WWII Japanese fighter pilots going headlong into battle. The student participation in this show is one of immediacy: getting the work done, installed, and celebrated all within a week's time. This sense of urgency inspired the title Full Tilt for the exhibition. Unlike the shows of last semester based around a theme or produced by professional artists, this student show is to highlight student's motivation in producing work outside of class assignments and showing a committed response of dedication to art making.  Da Vinci Gallery at Los City College is proud to present Full Tilt a student group exhibition. Although the work is done by students, it is a professional artistic display that encompasses the creative expression and 'go get em' attitude being achieved outside of the classroom environment.

Stacey Wexler, Director

Da Vinci Gallery

Los Angeles City College