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Here & Now Faculty Art Exhibit  

Here and Now M- Z Statement

 This is the second installment of Here and Now. The faculty show was conceived of being done in a two part installation in order to achieve a diversity of media along with inclusive exhibition of the newly formed Visual & Media Arts Department.

The Los Angeles City College was first established in 1929 with limited course offerings.  However, the college grew adding an Art Department, which conferred an Associate of Arts degree in 1931. The department has long held a place of distinction through visual presentations and esteemed faculty. Although,the department has been through several transformations throughout the years the faculty continues to remain the focal point of inspiration and motivation to students in achieving success. The latest transformation being the merging of the Fine Arts with the Media Arts departments into the newly formed Visual & Media Arts Department. This larger combined department with an influx of new faculty now boasts a roster of twenty eight creative individuals working in conjunction with one another in visual education.

This exhibition is to display the wealth and variety of work from the current faculty members in the Visual & Media Arts Department. In ordered to have everyone participate, the faculty show was divided into two stagings occurring in alphabetical order. This encouraged a wider range without dividing the department along adjunct vs. full-time or fine arts vs. media to instill a cohesive group.

Stacey Wexler, Director

Da Vinci Gallery

Los Angeles City College