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The Writers' Block


Brian Rozendal

Brian Rozendal

Director, The Writers’ Block
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2729

Wendy Witherspoon

Dr. Wendy Witherspoon

Embedded Tutoring Coordinator
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2720




Asusena (Susie) is double majoring in creative writing and music education at CSU Northridge. She also plays classical guitar, composes poetry, and enjoys hiking. 



Brian, a former LACC student, is now a graduate student at CSU Northridge with an emphasis on Rhetoric & Composition and teaching ESL. His attempts at vegetarianism have been largely unsuccessful..



Diana is a public health major on route to CSULA. She enjoys watching cheesy B-rated Kung Fu movies in her free time.



Jasmine is a computer science major at LACC who gained substantial writing experience from completing several college-level English courses and coursework in diverse subject areas. Outside of school, she enjoys cooking, bouldering at climbing gyms, and spending time with her dog.



Jill recently transferred from LACC to CSU Long Beach, where she is pursuing her bachelor’s in art. Prior to living in Los Angeles, she moonlighted as a wrestler in Mexico City and wrote a children's book about a time-traveling cat.



Kyle transferred from LACC to CSU Northridge, where he is studying engineering. Originally from Texas, he bought a wetsuit and surfboard within weeks of arriving in Los Angeles but has yet to use them.



Mariana is an LACC student planning to transfer to USC to study business administration with a minor in English. Outside of school, she studies Japanese, watches anime, hangs out with her Yorkie, and takes full advantage of her gym.



Nel recently transferred from LACC to UCLA, where he is pursuing a BA in Political Science. As someone passionate about reading, writing, and his community, Nel is pursuing his long-term goals of earning a masters in urban planning and becoming a community leader.



Rebekah is an English literature major at UCLA with an emphasis in creative writing. In her free time she enjoys streaming true-crime podcasts, listening to music, and hanging out with her dogs.



Spencer is a student at LACC with an interest in transferring to UCLA to study literature. In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and listening to music.



Tess is a student at LACC who intends to transfer to UC Irvine to study criminology, a passion she discovered reading true crime as a kid. Much of her free time is spent reading, but she also enjoys listening to music and regularly attending concerts.



Tristan is studying creative writing with a minor in psychology at USC. She enjoys drawing and listening to music, but much of her free time is spent writing her first novel.

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