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How To Apply to Los Angeles City College

Hello everyone my name is Cindy Reyes and I'm a student ambassador for the Outreach and Recruitment team at Los Angeles City College and I am here today to show you how to apply to LACC and become a successful college student. I'm gonna walk you through the process step by step so let's get started.So you're going to start off by using whichever search engine you'd like to use. I'm going ahead and using Google and I'm going to type la city college dot edu and it should be the first website to pop up. We are going to click where it says Los Angeles City College and now we're on LACC's homepage. On the right hand side there is going to be a button that says apply and register. We're gonna go ahead and click that button. We are going to scroll down a little bit. The first step is to apply online so we will click the button that says apply online. Now we're on the laccd website and we are going to scroll down a bit. We are going to click on the button that says begin application. Okay now we're on the open CCC apply website. If you already have an account and you are planning on reapplying to LACC make sure you just sign in with your username and your password. Now if this is your first time, we're going to click create an account and now we are on the open CC official website so we are going to click begin creating my account okay so this is not the application this is just we have to create an account before we apply with open CC so make sure you fill out all three pages to create your account it's going to ask you for your first name middle name last name now if you do not have a middle name make sure you click this box and make sure you put in your date of birth your social security number and if you do not have a social security number it is okay you can just click this box down here and you're going to continue and finish all three pages now they're going to ask you to create a username and a password make sure you memorize it write it down somewhere where you will find it easily accessible to you if needed and it's always and it is also going to ask you to select three security questions just for security purposes so be aware of that okay so now that we have created our account we will be navigated to this page and we are going to start with our application so you are going to click start a new application and then we will begin make sure you fill out all the information correctly it's going to ask you for a lot of personal information so make sure you submit that properly make sure you also choose the term or semester that you are applying for and also your educational goal your major category and Ted and major or program of study now if you're undecided it is okay they do have an option for that so once you submit your application you will receive a confirmation number right after you submit it to your email now don't confuse that for your student ID number your student ID number will come later on and I'll explain that at the end of the video and if you have any other questions feel free to visit me at the Welcome Center we are located in the Student Services Building in the first floor as soon as you walk in on the left hand side now that we're all done and we've submit our application you're going to receive an email from LACC within three to five business days with your student ID number when you receive that student ID number make sure you write it down and try to memorize it because it's going to be very important for almost everything that you do on campus thank you for taking the time to apply today and I hope to see you around campus

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