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First Year Experience

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FYE Summer Bridge Schedules

FYE Classes for Summer 2020

Incoming first-year students are required to take our Summer Bridge program for eligibility for the California and Los Angeles College Promise 2-years tuition-free benefit. Summer Bridge consists of a 2 two-week Counseling 040A (College Success Seminar) course and your choice of a Basic Skills Bootcamp (English or Math) if you so chooseStudents must register for Counseling 040A and may select the Basic Skills course to have their Summer Bridge component completed. Please contact our office for help with signing up for Summer Bridge!

If you have questions or concerns about your ability to participate in required elements, please let an Outreach & Recruitment representative, your FYE counselor, or Success Coach know as soon as possible.

Example of the Summer Bridge FYE Courses 

Remember the FYE Summer Bridge is 2-weeks long so the following schedule will occur for two weeks.  

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday














BootCamp of your Choice

BootCamp of your Choice

BootCamp of your Choice

BootCamp of your Choice

Summer Bridge 2020 Courses Available (posted 8.5.2020)

Counseling 040A - Find the section number of the class you want to enroll and add it to STEP 5 (if you are following the flyer below). Last opportunity to join FYE Summer Bridge is 8/3/2020. 

Type of Course Section Number Start Date End Date Notes
Counsel 40A 15988 8/10/2020 8/13/2020  Time of course is from 12pm - 4pm with no available English or math Boot Camp

Boot Camp English or Math - If you are seeking to add the Basic Skills Math or English Bootcamp, simply add the additional section number (s) to your student account. 

Type of Course Section Numbers Start Date End Date
Basic Skills - Math N/A    
Basic Skills - English  N/A    

How do you Add Summer Bridge Courses with a Permission Code

STEP 1: Since every student will need a permission code to add the COUNSEL 040A course this summer, please identify which Summer Bridge course you would like to attend (See section above)

STEP 2: Fill out the following Google Form to let the FYE program know what exact Summer Bridge course you need a permission code for. Click on the following box:

CLICK HERE to request a Permission Code for COUNSEL 040A

STEP 3: Once you have received the PERMISSION CODE for the COUNSEL 40A course, you may log into your account to register for the class. If this is your first time logging into your student portal, click here to learn how to set-up your password. After you have logged in, follow the step-by-step guide provided to you in the flyer below.  You will input the section number(s) from above into STEP4 and you will input the permission code from FYE into STEP 6 when it asks for the code. Click on the image below to enlarge.

Flyer on How to Register for Summer Bridge 2020


STEP 4: If you have any issues, please visit one of our LIVE HELP REGISTRATION sessions found below.









Do you have a High School Graduation Hold on your account?

To get your specific high school graduation hold addressed, follow these 3-easy steps.

1. Verify that you have the high school graduation hold on your account. In your student portal, click on the tile "To Dos and Holds" to see what type of hold you have on your account. If you have a high school graduation hold, proceed to step 2. 

2. Complete a High School Graduation Update Form. Click on the image below to find the PDF form. You must complete this form out in full (check off the appropriate box), save it to your computer and be ready to forward your document to Admissions and Records. 

High School Graduation Update Form











3. Email Filled Out Form to Admissions and Records. By using your email only, you must email this completed form to our Admissions and Records office at the following email:


Need help and want to speak with an FYE Success Coach? Get Live Help via Zoom on Registering for Summer Bridge 

Join our Success Coaches and student workers in Live Zoom Meetings during the month of June where we can assist you in actually navigating this process. Weekly Sessions Information below:

Day of the Week Success Coach Leading Time Zoom Link
Tuesdays Caisy



Wednesdays Cynthia



Thursdays Sasha



Days of the Week Offered: Mon. - Friday 

Time: Vary, see table

FYE Zoom Personal Meeting ID: Vary, see table

Important Notes: If you do not have the Zoom app, you will be required to sign up for an account and you can sign-up for free at  In order to join these Zoom sessions, go to and select "JOIN A MEETING" where you will input the Zoom ID available above. If you have any questions, please contact and we can support you.

I am signed up for Summer Bridge 2020, what is next?

  1. Complete orientation. You can complete this in your student portal.  
  2. Complete financial aid application. To find out infomation on which application you want to sign up for, visit the financial aid website by visiting
  3. Check your LACCD emails for any update from the school and FYE program.  

 Office Hours

During COVID-19, our hours have changed:

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 Contact Us

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 Get in touch with FYE Today!

Here are three ways that you can meet with an FYE counselor:

  1. Contact the FYE program by sending an email to
  2. Connect with your Success Coach
  3. Use Cranium Cafe Live Chat and connect with a team member

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