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First Year Experience

FYE Fall Courses

FYE Classes for Fall 2020

During Summer Bridge, you will have access to Success Coaches and counselors who can help confirm your schedule for fall 2020. Students are expected to sign up for classes through their student SIS portal and must be aware when signing up for specific FYE courses required by the program. An example of first semester fall schedule could look like the following:

  • English course (required and must be an FYE specific course) 
  • Math course (required and must be an FYE specific course) 
  • Counseling 040B (required and must be an FYE specific course) 
  • General education course 
    • Consider coureses such as communications, the arts, humanities, and more
  • Major specific course
    • These classes relate specifically to your major. Consult with an FYE counselor for recommendations 
    • Check out the LACC catalog in order to get information about each major and which specific classes are needed by clicking this link
  • Elective course 
    • These are courses that you take to explore. Most of the time these are needed to help you acheive your 60 units needed for your degree/transfer. In your case, this might be a support math course, support english course, and/or a kinesiology activity course (1 unit). 

YOU MUST BE FULL TIME STATUS DURING FALL SEMESTER TO BE ELIGIBLE         (12 units or more unless you are part of a special program)

Possible Example Fall 2020 Schedule for a Psychology Major
  • English course = English 101 (3 units) 
  • Math course = Math 227 (4 units) 
  • Counseling 040B = Counsel 040B (1 unit)
  • Major Course = Psychology 001 (3 units) 
  • General Education = N/A
  • Elective = Support for English (English 104 3 units)
  • Elective = Support for Math (Math 157 1 unit)

Need Help Planning Your Classes? 

In order for you to get your first semester fall schedule, please attend one of the FYE Orientations + Educational Planning sessions by clicking this link

 Office Hours

During COVID-19, our hours have changed:

Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 4:30pm
Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm

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Jessica Cerda

FYE Counselor/Coordinator
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 Get in touch with FYE Today!

Here are three ways that you can meet with an FYE counselor:

  1. Contact the FYE program by sending an email to
  2. Connect with your Success Coach
  3. Use Cranium Cafe Live Chat and connect with a team member

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