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Purchase a U-Pass

The Universal College Student Transit Pass (U-Pass) Has Arrived at LACC!

LACC Students are now eligible to purchase a reduced-fare transit pass! The LACC U-Pass offers unlimited rides on Metro’s rail and bus lines, and is valid for the whole semester, including breaks! The LACC U-Pass is available to any student enrolled in a credit or non-credit class.

The U-Pass works with your existing LACC Student ID (Cub Card), so there are no extra cards to carry.

To purchase a Metro U-Pass
  1. Acquire your Cub Card ID at the Welcome Center in the Student Services Building.
  2. Complete the following online U-Pass survey
  3. Bring proof of the completed survey to the LACC CubStore Cashier in the Student Union to purchase your U-Pass sticker.

For additional information about the U-Pass program please see the U-Pass FAQ.

U-Pass Price and Prorate Schedule