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LA College Promise: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LA College Promise (LACP)?

The LA College Promise is a cooperative student success initiative and enrollment benefit between the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Los Angeles Community College District, enacted in the 2017-2018 school year.  It provides first-time students with support services, programs, and structures, and provides a free first year of college enrollment.  At LACC, the LACP was run exclusively through the First Year Experience (FYE).

How does LACP work with AB 19 "California College Promise" and FYE?

In the Summer of 2018, the LACP became the vehicle for a very similar statewide initiative of the California State Assembly: AB 19, or the "California College Promise."  The LACP now operates as the framework for students in Los Angeles to access AB 19.

At LACC, the LACP is run exclusively through the First Year Experience (FYE).

What is the California Promise Grant?

Confusingly, the California Promise Grant is the new name for what was formerly called the Board of Governors Fee Waiver, AKA, "The BOG."  This is a need-based benefit for California residents who are attending a California Community College and is based off of your household income.  This benefit is automatic for any CA Community College student who applies for it and who qualifies and does not require participation in, or the benefits of a program like LACP/FYE.

Who is eligible for the LA College Promise at LACC?

First-time college students (no prior college course credit except for those who took college classes during high school as a part of a "dual enrollment" program), who...

  • Are a high school graduate or have high school diploma equivalent
  • Are a California resident or eligible for in-state tuition (see AB 540)
  • Complete either the FAFSA or CA Dream Act application
  • Complete the Los Angeles City College Application
  • Complete Assessment, Orientation, and Counseling (AOC)
  • Attend an FYE Summer Bridge prior to their first Fall semester
  • Enroll as a full-time student in the Fall & Spring of their first year
  • Take Math and English during their first year
  • Are in good standing with First Year Experience program and complete student success-related requirements of the program throughout the year
What about students who are not eligible for California in-state resident tuition (i.e. AB540 students who have not attended three years of California high school or a student who has moved from another state and only complete their senior year in California)?

In order to qualify for the LA College Promise/AB 19, students must be eligible for in-state resident tuition. Students who do not meet this eligibility requirement can still participate in most other aspects of the First Year Experience (FYE) program if they meet the other conditions.

Do students have to apply for the LA College Promise?

Yes, students apply for the LA College Promise. To apply, students will need to log in to their student portal and opt-in by completing the LACP agreement.

Is there a deadline for students to apply for the LA College Promise?

Currently, our deadline is May 1st.

Once students apply, are they automatically considered an LA College Promise student?

No. In addition to meeting the requirements of the LA College Promise/AB19 listed above, students will also need to sign a contract that details their FYE program requirements for the duration of their first year.

If a student is eligible for financial aid or the California Promise Grant (formerly known as the "BOG fee waiver"), can they still be an LA College Promise student?

Yes. All students who meet the basic eligibility requirements can be LA College Promise students.  Traditional Financial Aid and benefits like the California Promise Grant (BOG), will supercede the LA College Promise/AB 19 benefit, but not adversely affect it.

Does the Promise cover fees for classes taken in Summer 2017?


Does the Promise cover fees for classes taken in Winter 2018 or Summer 2018?

The Promise covers up to 30 units in the first year. If students take less than 15 units in Fall and/or Spring, the Promise can cover their Winter and/or Summer 2018 classes.

Does the Promise cover fees for books and other required class expenses like instructional fees?

Currently, the Promise does not cover these expenses.

Does the Promise cover the health fee and the student rep free?


Does the Promise cover the Associated Students Government Fee?

No. All students (not just Promise students) will be automatically charged the Associated Students fee. Students will need to opt out of they do not want to pay the ASG fee.

Do non-credit courses such as developmental English and Math count towards the required full-time attendance?

Yes, as long as they are part of a comprehension educational plan as determined by the college.

What priority registration will LA College Promise students receive?

Promise students will receive registration dates at the beginning of Group 2. They will register immediately after the Group 1 (special populations).

Are there specific requirements for the summer transition program element?

Yes. There will be a free summer orientation to prepare for college.

Can LA College Promise students also participate in other programs such as EOPS, CalWorks, TRIO, Honors Program…etc?

Yes. The LA College Promise is not mutually exclusive with any other program your campus offers.  In fact, we encourage students to take advantage of these beneficial programs.

What happens if students drop below 12 units in fall?

In order to remain eligible for the LA College Promise benefits, students must maintain full-time enrollment. Colleges may choose to allow students to take classes in Winter in order to make up units not completed in Fall to stay on track to completing at least 24 units by the end of the first year. Colleges may also choose to have an appeal process for students who drop below 12 units in Fall and wish to remain in the LA College Promise program.

What happens if students are not enrolled full-time (12 units) on the first day of class?

In order to meet the College Promise eligibility requirements, students must be enrolled full-time as of the first day of the term. If they are not enrolled full-time as of the start of the term, they do not qualify for the tuition waiver.

What happens if students don’t receive a 2.0 GPA in the Fall?

In order to remain eligible for the LA College Promise benefits, students must maintain a 2.0 GPA. Colleges may choose to have an appeal process for students who drop below a 2.0 GPA in Fall and wish to remain in the LA College Promise program.

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