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First Year Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FYE?

The First Year Experience program offers first-time college students an alternate approach to learning that encourages relationships with peers and their instructors, and which provides support services and additional benefits designed to help students quickly, consistently, and effectively achieve their higher education goals at LACC. Students in this program will be part of a peer group that focuses on improving the student’s reasoning and study skills through various methods. In this program, learning becomes a team effort, which develops students who become critical thinkers and better prepared for college.

What are the requirements to enroll in FYE? 

You are eligible for the First Year Experience program and all of its benefits if you...

  1. Are a first-time college student (unless you took college courses in High School as part of a "dual enrollment" program)
  2. Are a high school graduate or have high school diploma equivalent
  3. Are a California resident or are eligible for in-state tuition (see AB 540)
  4. Complete either the FAFSA or CA Dream Act application
  5. Complete the Los Angeles City College Application
  6. Complete Assessment, Orientation, and Counseling (AOC)
  7. Attend an FYE Summer Bridge prior to your first Fall semester
  8. Enroll as a full-time student in the Fall & Spring of your first year
  9. Take Math and English during your first year
  10. Are in good standing with the First Year Experience program and complete student success-related requirements of the program throughout the year

Note: If you meet all of the above conditions, but are not a resident of California or eligible for in-state tuition, you may still join FYE without the AB 19 benefits (see below).

Are FYE classes difficult?

Of course, experiences vary depending on you and the professors, but because you will have dedicated instructors and special tutors assigned in FYE Math and English classes, and because we ensure that you will always get your full-time class schedule with instructors motivated to work with you, we know that you will have a solid platform to be successful in your first year of college and beyond.

Do FYE courses transfer?

Yes, our goal is to reserve seats for all FYE students in Math, English, Counseling, and a wide variety of other subject areas that are not only convienent and interesting, but useful whether you're pursuing transfer or an Associate Degree, or both.

What is AB 19 and the LA College Promise?

AB 19 is a new benefit and success initiative enacted by the California State Assembly to provide free enrollment and student success support for first-time college students.  The LA College Promise is a similar initiative of the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Unified School District, and the Los Angeles Community College District which predates AB 19.

How do AB 19, LA College Promise, and FYE work?

As of Fall 2018, the Los Angeles Community College District runs all AB 19 benefits and programs through the structures developed to suppor the LA College Promise.  At LACC, it's simple: AB 19, LA College Promise, and FYE are all the same thing... If you're eligible for AB 19 or LACP, you access the benefits by joining FYE!

How can I join FYE?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the LACC First Year Experience program, please visit our Apply to FYE page.

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