November, 2008

City Corner Newsletter

 What an auspicious beginning to our

2008-09 school year!  A new parking lot,

a new library, a new state Chancellor,

and a new college President!

Martin Luther King Jr. Library
       A Dream Dedicated

Photo: (L to R) Barbara Vasquez, LACC Library chair; Councilman Bernard Parks, LACC Alumnus; Assemblyman Merv M. Dymally, 52nd District; Dr. Jamillah Moore, LACC President; and others

Photo: (L to R) Barbara Vasquez, LACC Library chair; Councilman Bernard Parks, LACC Alumnus;
Assemblyman Merv M. Dymally, 52nd District;
Dr. Marshall E. Drummond, LACCD Chancellor; Nancy Pearlman, LACC Board Member; Dr. Jamillah K. Moore,  LACC President; Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas; Kelly G. Candaele,  LACCD Board President; Georgia L. Mercer, LACCD Board Member; and L.A. City Council President, Councilman Eric Garcetti. 

LACC officially dedicated a new  library in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., just steps from where he spoke to a 1962 Snyder Field crowd on "The Future of Integration."  


"While this library is made of brick and mortar, it's really about the knowledge and the wisdom our students will obtain to build their lives," Kelly G. Candaele, president of the LACCD Board of Trustees said at the October 7th ceremonies.


"This state-of-the-art facility is a much-needed resource to more than 15,000 students pursing training certificates or associates degrees here at City College." 

Moore Beats Obama to the Punch
       Inauguration Punch,  That Is

Dr.. Marshall E. Drummond, LACCD Chancellor and Pat Harvey, KCAL broadcaster and event keynote speaker join newly inaugurated president, Jamillah Moore at the podium folowing her inauguration.

Dr. Marshall E. Drummond, LACCD Chancellor, and Pat Harvey, KCAL broadcaster and event keynote speaker,  join newly inaugurated president,  Jamillah Moore at the podium following her inauguration.


More than 200 people enjoyed speakers and refreshments in the Martin Luther King Jr. Library and congratulated Dr. Jamillah Moore on becoming President of the college.

"As a former Educational Opportunity Program student, I am honored, humbled and filled with excitement to officially become the 15th president and the first permanent African American to lead this institution," Dr. Moore said.

"More importantly, our new MLK Library embodies the spirit of Dr. King's message of equality and access for all, which I hope will inspire our students to dream big toward their future. I am happy to be part of history."

LACC Joins in the Chant:  "Yes, We Can!"

More than 500 people stopped on our campus and registered to vote before the October 20th deadline.  ASO activists didn't just stop there.  Right up to election day, dozens of LACC students, faculty and staff were encouraged to make a signed pledge that they would vote.

More than 500 people stopped on our campus and registered to vote before the October 20th deadline.  ASO activists didn't just stop there.  Right up to election day, dozens of LACC students, faculty and staff were encouraged to make a signed pledge that they would vote.  
Dr. Scott Receives LACC Pin - First of 110

ASO Senator for Public Relations, Carmela Gonzales, and Chancellor Jack Scott


ASO Senator for Public Relations, Carmela Gonzales, joined

the crowd of well-wishers at the October District reception
for State Senator Jack Scott.  Dr. Scott will officially assume
his new role as Chancellor of the 110-campus California Community College System on January 1, 2009. 


"I am very pleased to have this wonderful opportunity to
lead the largest higher education system in the nation," said Scott, who spent 23 years working in the community colleges before becoming a legislator.


"The future of our state economy and even the California dream are tied to increasing the number of Californians who both enter and complete their college education.  That is why the community colleges are so important.  They can provide California a competitive edge in the global economy."

City Shines!
Coach Miller and Coach Cleveland show off the third place trophy won by our Cubs men's basketball team during the Tip-off Classic, which was held Nov. 7 - 9 here at LACC. 

'Tis the (basketball) Season!

 Coach Miller and Coach Cleveland show off the third place trophy won by our Cubs men's basketball team during the Tip-off Classic, which was held Nov. 7 - 9 here at LACC. 


Congrats to Chemistry! 

The American Chemical Society Student Affiliates Chapter at LACC has been selected to receive a Commendable Award for its activities conducted during the 2007-2008 academic year! 


A special LACC note of thanks to Professor Terry Boan, faculty advisor of the chapter, who makes a great commitment of time and energy in her education and mentoring efforts.  Congratulations to students for setting an example for other chapters and preparing the next generation of chemical professionals.

And the College Student Pulitzer Prize Goes to... 

Immediately following their honors at the Associate Collegiate Press/College Media Advisors Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, LACC Collegian staffers hopped a plane back to cover the historic 2008 Presidential Election and publish a special "political edition" of the Collegian. 


Now that's setting the pace.


The Collegian had not been a finalist for the Pacemaker Award since 1969. 

"Newspapers and magazines play an incredibly vital role in democracy, government and society today," said Camille Anderson, a spokesperson for Gov. Schwarzenegger. "The governor congratulates the many California schools selected as 2008 Pacemaker Award finalists for their excellence."

Collegian staff members also picked up a 4th place "Best of Show Award," for a 10-page special edition of the Collegian.  Swift Communications awarded top honors to L.A. City College students Kevin Hidalgo, Ivie Hasegawa and former editor-in-chief, Julio Huerta for 1st place in the category of "House Ad," publicizing a newspaper or a program.

But There's More...

The Los Angeles Collegian has won a $1,000 grant from College Media Advisers (CMA) to promote the First Amendment on campus. The grant honors Louis Ingelhart, a retired journalism professor from Ball State University, in Muncie Indiana. 
The Collegian will soon celebrate 80 years of continuous publication as "The Student Voice of Los Angeles City College." 

Coping With the Fiscal Crisis

A Message from Chancellor Marshall "Mark" Drummond

Dear District Family:
I am sure that all of you hear the daily news reports about "how bad the economy is" and also the fact that it continues to worsen. Home foreclosures continue to climb, and retail sales continue to slump. Those are two of the pillars of tax income (real property appreciation taxes and sales taxes) in California. And of course as people lose jobs and the economy shrinks, the amount we all pay in state income tax also declines. This is not a pretty picture.


Of course all of this will have a heavy impact on each of us here at LACCD. I believe that before this mess clears up that we will all be damaged to some extent, if indeed we are not already damaged by property value declines and stock market losses. Exactly what this crisis means to the LACCD and when we will feel the impact is not totally clear; however we do know the following facts:

We are currently operating under the 2008-09 Budget Law which was passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor late last summer. UNTIL another budget bill is passed and signed we stick with the current budget.

All estimates (Department of Finance, Legislative Analyst, other economic forecasts) agree that the State of California is experiencing an $11 billion dollar shortfall today, with another $14 billion estimated for 2009-10. These bleak assumptions are made before the results of holiday sales' are known, and those are likely to be very weak.

There are numerous proposals about how the State should deal with this crisis on the table, and the Legislature is currently in special session dealing with the situation. The current legislature has only until November 30, 2008 to pass a new budget bill or all of the termed-out legislators must leave and newly elected ones will take their places. It would not be beneficial for the Legislature to fail to act because every day that passes is another day less that we will have to respond to whatever cuts come our way.

Estimates for current-year cuts to the LACCD range from a low of around $12 million to a high of $34 million. The Governor wants to cut more immediately and carry the cuts into next year. The Legislative Analyist's Office (LAO) suggests smaller cuts now but larger cuts next summer. Either way the LACCD is likely to lose $25-30 million dollars from our budget by next summer. When you add the $10 million dollars of unfunded cost increases (health care premiums alone are going up approximately $6 million dollars) we are heading towards a very large hole.

You should separate in your mind current-year cuts from the cuts that may come next summer to the 2009-10 budget which would be permanent base cuts. The current-year cuts can be mitigated to a degree by using one-time money (such as money coming from the hiring freeze, the DWP overcharge refund, etc.) and we will try our best to cover as much of what ever current-year cut comes with one-time funds.

The cuts that will come next summer are a different story. While we may have some one-time money to apply to the problem, we will have to seriously change our structure and operations to be able to cope with cuts of this magnitude. This will surely result in greatly restricted hiring and spending, and could cause us to cease doing some of the things we now do. We will deal with all of those questions as the year progresses.

I have an operating plan in place to (a) keep current on information; and (b) quickly develop strategies to cope with any cuts that come our way. I have formed a group to advise me that I have named the "Emergency Response Task Group." This is a small group of our family who I trust and believe have great knowledge and experience. Carl Friedlander, Velma Butler, college presidents Garber, Rocha and Daniels, District Senate President David Beaulieu and Deputy Chancellor Barrera make up the group.

This group is not meant to short-circuit shared governance; it is a group to help me think through these issues. Once strategies,  approaches and alternatives are fashioned by this group I will take my recommendations to the District Budget Committee (DBC) and consequently will take any recommendations that involve collective bargaining or academic and/or professional matters to the appropriate group for consultation.

I firmly believe that openness, fairness and equity are essential for this process to work effectively. I warn you however, that the crisis is real, the timing is short, and the stakes are very high. We will not have the luxury of endless debate and consultation on measures that must be taken to our Board of Trustees. We will however take the necessary time to inform,  debate and listen. No action will come to you as a "surprise," and your representative organizations will be fully "in the loop" for whatever decisions or actions must be taken. Again I caution that forceful action will be necessary to safeguard the institution we all care very much about, and needless delay when we know the facts would be fatal.

I will continue to "hope for the best" while we prepare for the worst.



Mark Drummond


Thanksgiving Holiday: Nov. 27 & 28


President's Holiday Social: Dec. 2nd


Day at City (High School Students visit): Dec. 3rd


City Chem Seminar: Dec. 4 at 3 p.m. 


LACC Faculty/Staff Holiday Party: December 5th


College is Closed: Dec. 24, 25 & 31 plus Jan. 1, 2 & 19


Winter Intersession 2009:  Jan 5 - Feb. 5


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