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Mattie Moon

Student Conduct

General Rules: 

  1. No food or beverages allowed in class.
  2. Recording lectures is not permitted. 
  3. Reading newspapers,  and completing other assignments during class is not permitted. 
  4. Cellular telephones must be turned off when class is in session. 
  5. Texting in class is not allow. 


  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class session. Class attendance is essential because the lectures will supplement your textbook reading assignments. If you must be absent from class for some reason, you will still be held responsible for material covered in the lecture. So, have a  friend take notes and pick up handouts for you.
  • If you miss three class meetings, you may be dropped from the class, at the instructor's discretion. If you have some special problem, please see me or call me beforehand to explain.
  • Three tardys will be counted as one absence. 

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