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Gregory Gonsalves

Physiology 1 Course Materials

Professor Gonsalves' Physiology 1: 2017-2018 Academic Year

These are links to the lecture notes. You may buy a complete version at the book store or you may left click your mouse to download the file or right click to open and print. The following notes are in order and will be on the midterm indicated.
Syllabus  |   Class Schedule   |   Rubric for Physiology 1 SLO – Paper on the pathophysiology of a selected human disease   |  Practice pH problems

Answers to Practice pH Problems 

Look at them to check your work ONLY after answering the pH problems!  
pH problem answers 1   |   pHproblemAnswers2

ECG Data for Analysis

ECG Data for Analysis – Section 1117
ECG Data for Analysis – Section 1116
ECG Data for Analysis – Section 1115

Midterm #1

Homeostasis & Basic Chemistry 

Midterm #2

Plasma Membrane, Transport, Organelles 
Muscle Physiology 
Reflex Physiology

Midterm #3

Autonomic Nervous System 
Vision Physiology 
Hearing & Equilibrium Physiology
Blood Physiology
Circulatory Physiology

Midterm #4

Heart Physiology
Respiratory Physiology
Renal Physiology
Acid/Base, Fluid Physiology

Final Exam

Final Review Sheet 
Immune Physiology (Innate) 
Immune Physiology (Adaptive) 
Digestion Physiology 
Reproductive Physiology
Endocrine Physiology

Audio Recordings (Zip Files)

MP3 Format:  11-21-2012: Muscle Physiology Lecture
Neurophysiology Lecture FALL 2015
11-29-2012: Reflex Physiology and Autonomic NS Lecture
Vision & Hearing Physiology – ALL SECTIONS
Blood Lecture (Past Semester) – ALL SECTIONS
Respiratory Lecture – ALL SECTIONS
Heart Lecture – ALL SECTIONS
Innate Immune System – SUM 08
Adaptive Immune System – SUM 08
Circulatory Physiology Lecture – ALL SECTIONS


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