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Phyllis Eckler

Yoga Performance Exam


Prepare a written yoga routine to be handed in on the day of the Final Exam that includes at least 3 stretch (flexibility) asanas and 3 strength asanas, one twist or spiral asana and one balance asana. Explain on your sheet if an asana is a flexibility, strength, spiral or balance next to it (see below). Keep in mind that what could be a strength asana for one person might be considered a balance asana for someone less strong or flexible (e.g. lateral incline plane). The types of asanas can be mixed or additional ones can be added in order to create flow within your routine but the entire vinyasa may only take 6-7 minutes.  You must do asanas on both sides of the body (i.e. right and left) where necessary. Make sure that you use correct breathing with your vinyasa routine. Remember as you flow through your moves to breath out with the stretch and in with effort.

As you perform your vinyasa please say the "do's and don'ts" for each asana by speaking out loud.  Continue your vinyasa without a break into the sun salutation (you don’t need to speak during the Sun Salutation) and end after one sun salutation. This routine must be memorized and  performed individually for the teacher during the final exam appointment. Entire vinyasa presentation may be no more than 8 minutes.


Rubric                                                   Point Value

Flow/Use of counter poses or modifications       2

Memorization (Vinyasa complete)                     2

Challenging                                                  2

Performance (Asanas performed correctly)        2

Use of Breath, Timing & Do's/Donts'                 2





(This sheet is to be handed when you do your vinyasa)

Create a vinyasa (flowing) yoga routine using at least three flexibility asanas, three strength asanas, one twist/spiral and at least one balance. Write the order of your asanas below (including both sides of the body where necessary). Make sure you can perform the routine from memory. Do not do more than the required number of asanas unless you wish to use a transition. You have a maximum of 8 minutes. Go into the “Salute to the Sun” directly from this routine.

ASANA                                                TYPE (e.g.flexibility, strength, twist or balance)

1._________________________                 _________________

2._________________________                 _________________

3. _________________________                _________________

4._________________________               _________________

5.__________________________               __________________

6.___________________________             __________________

7.___________________________             __________________

8.____________________________           __________________

9.____________________________           ___________________

10.____________________________          ___________________

11.____________________________           ___________________

12.____________________________            ___________________

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