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Creating a New Course


The Process of Creating an Online Course

The first step in creating a new online course is to complete the Distance Ed addendum form to the official Course Outline of Record and gain approval of the Curriculum Committee.

An instructor wishing to teach an online course for the first time should complete a course in online instruction (in online pedagogy or a specific course management program such as Etudes-NG, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.), and submit a copy of the certificate of completion or other evidence of completion to the Distance Ed Committee. Current online training opportunities and courses are routinely listed under “Distance Ed” at the Staff Development link under “Faculty and Staff” at the L. A. City College Web site. An experienced online instructor may submit a certificate of completion or other evidence of prior completion of such a course to the DE Committee (no new training is expected or required).

The instructor should then design his course in the course management system (CMS) to be used. During the semester before the course is to be taught, the instructor should contact the Distance Ed Committee to present at one of its monthly meetings a 25 per cent completed course (the equivalent of four weeks of instruction) set up in the CMS to be used. (The Distance Ed Committee currently meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the TLC).

The course site should include:

  1. An online syllabus containing the instructor's contact information (office location, office hours, telephone number, email address), course objectives, SLO (in the form of the student-friendly version on the LACC Web site), testing policy, grading policy, and/or other information normally included on a syllabus;
  2. Weekly modules containing lecture material or course content that would normally be delivered in a traditional course (the Committee frowns on instructors' using textbook publisher prepared course content exclusively); publisher prepared PowerPoint presentations should be enhanced with instructor's notes or lectures that reflect the instructor's expertise in the subject matter;
  3. A "how-to-get-started" section somewhere in the course site (in an announcement, syllabus, module, or elsewhere);
  4. Course assignments (first four weeks);
  5. Quizzes and/or tests (first four weeks);
  6. Discussion forums, if appropriate for the course (first four weeks).

 This process can take several months, so begin early in the semester before it is to be offered for the first time.

The DE Committee is aware that a new online course site is a work in progress that develops over time, and its intent is to assure that all new online courses at LACC are taught by instructors trained in online instruction and that the courses are based on sound online instructional practices.