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General Policies & Services

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About Distance Learning

The Distributive/Distance Learning Committee is a subcommittee of the Educational Planning Committee and was formed to ensure that the D/DL program meets the following standards:

  1. The D/DL classes and programs follow agreed-upon curricular development, quality standards, and approval processes as developed by the college Academic Senate in consultation with the administration.
  2. The D/DL classes are provided with technical and instructional support including personnel, services, and equipment to assure successful delivery of the course in this learning mode.
  3. The D/DL program has measures in place to ensure that faculty who are preparing to teach D/DL courses at the college for the first time either demonstrate proficiency in Distributive/Distance Learning instructional delivery methods or participate in D/DL training sessions. Proficiency in D/DL shall be determined by an agreed-upon method formulated by the D/DL Committee or by the D/DL Coordinator. Faculty may use the training hours as part of their Professional Development (flex) obligation.
  4. The LACC D/DL Committee will serve the function of communicating and advising the college in its decision-making regarding D/DL issues. It shall report to the college’s Educational Planning Committee and will include D/DL faculty, information technology staff, and administrators involved in D/DL course development and delivery.
  5. The college Curriculum Committee and the D/DL Committee shall address D/DL efficacy as it relates to the total instructional program.
  6. D/DL assignments, class size, evaluation of faculty, load, and compensation are determined as specified in Articles 12, 16, 19, 40, and 42 of the Faculty Agreement.