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The LACC Emeriti Association

LACC Deceased Emeriti as of August, 2017

This information was collected mostly from the Emeriti newsletter. If we are missing anyone, please let us know. 

Name Department In Newsletter
Abbott, Wesley Music 28 August 2016
Abramson, Albert Business Admin. Fall 2006
Abramson, Doree Office Admin. Fall 2004
Aghayan, May Rose Theatre Arts Fall 1993
Ajioka, Dewey English Fall 2008
Alexander, Herbert Social Science Spring 1998
Alexman, David Architecture Spring 2011
Anderson, Calvin Library Science Spring 2018
Anderson, Wilbur Physical Education Spring 2003
Azar, Barbara CAOT Spring 2015
Babikian, Souren Mathematics Spring 2001
Bacon, Robert Administration Spring 2003
Barr, Howard Music Spring 2007
Bauman, Mary Child Development August 2012
Beit-Ishoo Foreign Language Fall 2008
Bernard, Guy English Spring 2018
Berry, Glenn Physical Education Fall 1995
Billings, Geraldine Foreign Language Spring 1994
Bissiri, Gus Counseling May 2012
Blank, Pauline Art Spring 2005
Bornstein, Alfred Philosophy Fall 2008
Boss, Charles Social Sciences Spring 2004
Brooks, Kerry Counseling April 2017
Brooks, Rose Music Fall 2008
Bronson Smith, Carmelita Sociology 2005
Bruno, Gordon Sociology Spring 2005
Burns, H.G. Jim Psychology Fall 2010
Bussell, Helen Music Spring 2014
Carmichael, H. Kenn Theatre Arts Fall 1996
Carr, William Computer Tech. Spring 2005
Carter, Marian Counseling Spring 1995
Carthew, Arthur Geography Fall 1999
Chaffin, Caquese Counseling Spring 2008
Chambers, Evelyn Off. Admin. Fall 1993
Chesire, Margaret Music Fall 2008
Collins, Boyd English Fall 1996
Cox, James Administration Spring 2010
Cramer, Charles Business Administration Spring 2006
Crowe, Elizabeth F&CS-Child Development Fall 2014
Culy, Roy Business Administration Spring 1993
Cunningham, Glenn Geography Fall 2003
Cummings, Paul Administration of Justice Fall 2011
Davis, Charles English Fall 2004
Davis, Milton Life Science Spring 2009
DeSaix, Rene Life Science Fall 2000
Dixon, Evander Physics Fall 1995
Dodson, Leigh Life Science Spring 2003
Douglas, Elmer Physical Education Spring 2006
Egizi, Ruth Family & Cons. Studies Spring 2005
Eisner, Morton Philosophy Fall 1997
Eller, Art Engineering Fall 2006
Elliott, George Electronics Spring 2010
Elmore, Dennis Art Fall 2012
Ernest, John Business Administration Spring 2002
Ewing, G. Porter Social Sciences 27 June 2007
Fanning, Joanne Psychology Fall 2004
Farrand, Donald V. Physics April 2017
Ferrell, Bruce Library Fall 2005
Fick, Virginia English Fall 2004
Fischer, Paul Psychology Fall 2008 (died 2006)
Floyd, Alice Administration Spring 1998
Fogel, Ann Psychology May 20, 2016
Formsma, John Mathematics April 2017
Forrester, June Counseling Spring 2008 (died 12/2007)
Freeman, Arthur CSIT Spring 2014
Funk, Ruth Social Science Spring 2008
Garrett, Norm Psychology Fall 2006
Greene, Fred CSIT April 2017
Gold, Ben Math & Researcher Spring 2005
Grannell, Vin Physics Spring 2006
Green, James W. Physics Spring 2002
Greene, C. Richard English Fall 1998
Griffith, John Physics Spring 2015
Hamilton, Joseph Math Spring 1997
Hamilton, Dolores Tejada Foreign Language Spring 2008
Hancock, Lee English 17 June 2018
Hanson, H. Endicott Music Fall 1994
Harmon, Samuel Psychology Spring 2002
Harris, Marion Library Fall 1998
Harrison, Dwight Social Science Spring 2006
Harrison, Heber Business Administration Fall 2000
Hayes, Helen Earth Sciences Fall 2012
Hayes, Luther Counseling Spring 2018
Herrera, Robert Math Fall 2000
Hilleary, Lou Administration Spring 2004
Hillger, Eleanor Occ. Therapy Fall 2003
Hoeck, Jeanne Administration Spring 2007
Holcomb, Hope Administration Spring 2003
Holcomb, Robert Administration Fall 1997
Hollis, George Music Spring 2016
Hoshizaki, Barbara Life Science May 2012
House, Douglas Administration Spring 2016
Hsia, Mary English/ESL Fall 2013
Ichino, Paul Rad Tech Spring 2010
Ilano, Carmen Learning Skills Spring 2016
James, Glenn Math Spring 2005
Jennings, David Earth Science Fall 2009
Johnson, Carol Mathematics 23 June 2018
Joseph, Paul Engineering Fall 1996
Kalionzes, George Social Science Spring 2015
Kanarik, Rosella Mathematics Spring 2014
Keith, Alexander Psychology Spring 2013
Kelly, Clyde Art Fall 2000
Kelly, Jay English Spring 2016
Kendall, Violet CAOT Spring 2009
Kennedy, Harry Foreign Language Spring 2002
Landauer, Don Business Administration Spring 2007
Lerner, Arthur Psychology Spring 1998
Lint, Rose Family & Cons Studies Fall 2010
Lowe, David Ming-Li Arcitecture Fall 2013
Lowry, Dick Architecture 1996
Ludwig, Louise Psychology Spring 2006
Lyon, Robert Life Science Fall 2000
Malueg, Evelyn Counseling Fall 2009 (died 4/09)
Marer, Estelle Math Spring 2007
Mark, Marcia Life Science Spring 2016
Martin, Louis Business Administration Fall 1998
Mather, Charles Life Science Spring 1999
Mather, Elmer English Fall 1998
Maverick, Andrew Electronics 27 May 2018
Mayer, Elizabeth Music Fall 2000
Mazor, Anatol Life Science Fall 2014
McCall, Don Radio-TV-Film Spring 2002
McCloskey, Jim Theatre Arts Fall 2012
McCracken, Kathryn Speech Fall 1997
McKnight, Eugene Philosophy Spring 1994
Meacher, Margaret Physical Education Spring 2008 (died 2007)
Medwin, Herman Physics Spring 2006
Memmler, Ruth transferred Fall 1999
Miller, David   April 2017
Miller, Stanford Foreign Language Spring 2006
Morales, Alfonso Foreign Language Spring 2005
Morrison, Margie Physical Education Fall 2003
Nayle, Sonia Computer Science Spring 2005
Neches, Vivian Office Admin. Spring 2002
Nigra, Helena Speech Fall 1997
Nixon, Joseph Radio, TV, Film Spring 1995
Nomland, John Library Fall 1999
O'Connell, Walter Physics Spring 2006
O'Mara, Patrick Social Sciences Spring 2001
Orloff, Ethelrose Adminstration Spring 1997
Palmatory, Richard Physical Education Spring 1999
Parichan, Alice Theatre Arts Fall 1996
Partin, Agnes Counseling Fall 1999
Pascoe, Paul Art Spring 1997
Pearson, Gertrude Rad. Tech. Spring 1993
Pederson, Palmer Chemistry Fall 1999
Phileo, Alice    
Pokras, Harold Chemistry April 2012
Pollyea, Robert Counseling Spring 2014
Posner, Samuel Law Spring 1997 (died 1994)
Pote, Phillip Baseball Coach August 19, 2018
Priest, Anita Music Spring 1995
Prichard, Michael Engineering Fall 2007
Radtke, John Radiologic Technology Spring 2015
Robinson, Charles Media Arts Spring 2015
Robinson, Elizabeth Off. Admin. Spring 1999
Romito, Angelo Math Spring 2005
Rosario, Gertha COAT April 2017
Ross, Elnora F&CS April 2017
Ruiz, Evangeline   April 2017
Saich, Marilou Counseling Spring 2009
Schatz, Pauline Family & Cons Studies Fall 2010
Schellkopf, John Speech Spring 2016
Schlessinger, Phil Social Science Spring 2011
Seeds, Harice Business Admin. Spring 2008
Segal, Ted Counseling Spring 2014
Sheanin, Max Psychology Before Spring 1993
Simmons, James English Spring 2004
Slater, Al Mathematics Spring 2005
Smith, Robert G Architecture Spring 2007
Smith, Wendell Physical Education Fall 1994
Snedecor, Frank Business Admin. Spring 2005
Solomon, Hyman Math Spring 1994
Somerman, Jacob Foreign Language 2008
Spangler, Mary President Fall 2014
Spilios, Jane Speech Fall 2013
Steinhardt, Fleur Speech Fall 2010
Stevens, John Art Spring 2005
Stone, Hal Administration Spring 2007
Stromer, Herman Foreign Language Spring 1997
Stutesman, Jack Mathematics April 19, 2016
Tartaglia, Mario Counseling Fall 2003
Taylor, Lionel (Les) Music Spring 1998
Thayer, William (Bill) Counseling Spring 2012
Thomas, Carmelita Administration Fall 2005
Thompson, Carson Engineering 2011
Tiwari, Braj Accounting December 19, 2017
Varnum, Walter Psychology After Fall 2000
Vieille, Irene Brede Dental Asst. Fall 1997
Visser, Jan Social Science Spring 2006
Webber, Heather Life Science Fall 2011
White, Vera Mathematics Spring 2015
Whitten, Robert Speech Fall 2010
Whitney-Morrison, Carlos Foreign Language Fall 2003
Wilkinson, Robert Administration 22 March 2000
Williams, Corinne Family & Cons. Studies Fall 2003
Wilson, Don History Fall 2014
Wilson, Nadia Foreign Language Spring 2005
Wine, Morris Classified Spring 1994
Wood, Everett Chemistry Spring 2003
Wyatt, Gail Physical Education Fall 2012

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