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The LACC Emeriti Association

The LACC Emeriti Association

The Emeriti - Who Are Those Guys, Anyway?

The Emeriti are retired full-time faculty who wish to continue to participate in the LACC community. Some still teach part time. Others no longer are in the classroom, but find after-retirement involvement with the college provides a healthy and entertaining past-time as well as helpful support to the continuing faculty and students.

Emeriti are involved with the college in a variety of ways. We consponsor the Learning Community Awards program with the faculty senate. This provides two five-hundred dollar awards to faculty who demonstrate specific projects that they have used in the classroom or that contribute to the college programs in some way.

Emeriti are also adventurous travelers, and many have taken voyages and trips to distant lands to explore and to add to their own natural curiosity about the world and its peoples. Others continue to be active in their disciplines by writing, doing research, and continuing to develop their craft and art. Still others through retirement are allowed time to investigate new activities and hobbies, to explore all those things that looked like fun but for which there was previously no time.

Emeriti are, of course, family members, and many have children and grandchildren with which to spend time and to share memories and adventures. Retirement provides more time to be involved with family which might have been limited before. Additionally, there is now great opportunity for emeriti to socialize, share adventures with other emeriti and with college faculty and students.

On these pages you will find many interesting people and read of their adventures. If you are retired but not yet a "member" of "Our Gang", check out the "Join the Gang" link for more information.

Meetings and Events - The Emeriti are involved in regular meetings and cooperate with other campus groups to sponsor and support events.

Activities and Trips - Notices of activities and travel opportunities that might be of interest to our members.

Board of Directors - The folks that bring you the Emeriti Association and all the fun that goes with it.

Join The Gang - Here you will find a list of members, information about the current Board of Directors, and how to join the Association if you are a retiree but have not yet joined in the fun.

Emeriti Association Bylaws

Your Board of Directors has prepared a formal set of bylaws for the Emeriti Association. This allows us to formalize the procedures we have used informally in the past, and to ensure that there is no misunderstanding in procedural matters and in how the Board conducts business.

An announcement regarding these bylaws will be made in the Spring 2017 Emeriti Newsletter. All members are invited to come here to our website and to download a copy of the bylaws for their own use. The membership will be asked at the Spring 2017 Luncheon meeting to accept the bylaws as presented here. You are welcome at any time to make suggestions and comments on the bylaws to Maria Reisch, President, if you have concerns.

Note that there is a budget addendum attached to the bylaws that sketch out a framework of our expected income and expense in the next year. This formalizes our intended us of funds and allows for planning in the future as well as managing the funding of the association currently.

CLICK HERE for your copy of the bylaws