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Virtual Reality & New Media

Virtual Reality and other new forms of immersive media present amazing and exciting new ways to communicate ideas to students. However, just like with all other teaching tools, it is important to consider the accessibility of this media to ensure that every student has equal access to the information you are trying to present.

Things to consider:

When choosing new media experiences for the classroom pay attention to how the information is being communicated, and how the user is being asked to interact with the experience.

  • Can you understand the experience, or interact with the user interface, with your eyes closed?
  • Is the information still available to you if you take your headphones off, or turn down the volume?
  • Does the experience require the user to be in a certain position, or to have a certain range of mobility?

If the media being presented to students contains information that is required for the student to pass that course, then that information must also be available to your students as a typed document such as a DOC or PDF. This can be as simple as a written description of the experience, or a list of key information.


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