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Audio, Video & Multimedia

Video & Multimedia Presentations

All video and multimedia presentations and online files must be captioned, or have a written transcript available.

Before sharing a video with your class:

  1. Make sure that the Closed Captioning (cc) button is available on the video
  2. Check the accuracy of the provided captions to be sure that they match

If the video is not captioned, or not captioned accurately:

  • Update the captions (if it is a video that you uploaded)
  • Contact the user that created the video and ask for them to update the caption
  • Consider presenting a different video

All videos uploaded to the Campus Website require a written transcript to be included before they can be uploaded, whether or not closed captioning is available.

Automatic Captions

YouTube can automatically create captions to the videos you upload, but they are not always perfect. provides tools to easily edit the automatic captions provided by YouTube to make them more accurate.

Searching for videos with Closed Captioning

The YouTube search tool offers the ability to limit your search results to only those videos which contain Closed Caption or Subtitles. To use this filter:

  1. Enter your keywords in the YouTube search bar
  2. Click the Filters button
  3. Click Subtitles/CC (closed caption)
3C Media Solutions

3C Media Solutions offers faculty, staff, and administrators of the California Community Colleges System the opportunity to create an account, free of charge.

Some highlights of what an account provides the user:

  • A personal account for uploading and storing media
  • The ability to share media privately or publicly (embed, email link, or post to the 3C site)
  • The option to create a 'group' for joint access
  • The ability to request captioning for your media in a few short, simple steps
    • 3C Media will caption any videos you would like but they MUST be hosted by 3C Media. They will not caption your YouTube or other hosted videos.

The DECT Grant 

Distance Education Captioning & Transcription

The Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant (DECT) provides CCCs with funding for live and synchronous captioning and transcription as a means of enhancing the access of all students to distance education courses. View the DECT FAQ

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