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The Mathematics Program is extremely proactive with respect to student support and scholarship. Each spring semester, as part of student encouragement and recognition, the Program awards several merit-based scholarships to students taking transfer-level courses. The amount of the awards is between $500 and $1000 (with an occasional $1250 award; the amounts may increase in future). Students are evaluated on such factors as units completed, grade-point average, academic area(s) of interest, career goals, and personal history and contributions. The selected finalists are then evaluated by a committee of the Mathematics Program (usually at least half of the currently 20 members), and the winners are determined.

The scholarships awarded each have an interesting background; a few were created by the awards’ namesakes, others by donations (often anonymous to honor former professors), and some from the money earned from the Department’s on-going book sale (located inside FH 101). One pair of awards, the Ghani/Hyon Awards, were created by two former LACC students who decided to give back to the department that started them on their computer science careers. Currently, there are at least nine scholarships, of which five to seven are usually awarded each year.  While the amounts vary, the scholarships are rotated so that all of those honored will be recognized periodically.

Each year, the list of applicants is impressive. Any student who meets the requirements is encouraged to apply. It only takes a little time to apply for a richly-deserved recognition (and check).

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Dr. Kian Kaviani
Department Chair
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Sofya Mednik
Department Secretary
FH 103
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2810

Angela Wayne
Department Webmaster
FH 101A
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Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 4:30pm


Math Tutoring is hiring. Applications are available in FH 103.

Join Math club if you have completed Math 260 and interested.

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