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Math / CSIT / CT / CAOT

Instructional Handbooks

A list of course handbooks, created by Prof. Dekermenjian, is available for all faculty.

General Resources

A catalog of mathematics applications found in non-mathematics courses.

Some of the major universities such as Yale, MIT, etc. have been filming many of their courses and posting the lectures online. Dozens of these courses have been viewed and the segments where math is used has been catalogued. On this site the following is given: the math being used in the video, the link to the video clip, the time segment within the lecture that contains that mathematics application, the university where the course was taught, the course title, the name of the professor, and a brief description of the content and how it might be used in the relevant mathematics course.

The site is indexed by mathematics application with four main categories: Statistics, Algebra and Pre-Calculus, First Year Calculus, and Advanced Math.

Statistics Resources

Correlation Video - This video comes from an old VHS that came with the Decisions Through Data video series that has been converted into a digital video file.

Math Study Skills Video Series - This program was created by Jessica Bernards of Portland Community College and Mark DeSmet of Cabrillo College. Contained in each study skills video are math specific study skills aimed to assist your success in your math class. The strategies presented are from past students who were successful in this class, but DO NOT consider themselves "math people."

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