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Life Sciences


MICROBIOLOGY 1: Introductory Microbiology


Lecture 3 hours; Laboratory 6 hours.

PREREQUISITE: Biology 3, 6, or Physiology 1; and Chemistry 60 or higher

ADVISORY: Eligibility for English 21 or equivalent

In this course designed for biological science majors, students examine and learn microbial physiology, cytology, genetics, growth and reproduction, and the effects of physical and chemical agents on microbial cells. The role and impact of these microbes on humans are discussed, particularly their pathological effect on the immune system and other body systems. Applied fields covered include food, water, milk, air, soil, and industrial microbiology.

MICROBIOLOGY 20: General Microbiology


Lecture 3 hours; Laboratory 3 hours.

ADVISORY: General Biology, General Chemistry, English 21 or equivalent and Chemistry 60

This course is designed for allied health students and will cover the fundamentals of Microbiology including bacteria classification, cytology, physiology, growth, reproduction, sterilization, and disinfection, with an emphasis on microbial diseases. Bacteriological techniques are emphasized in the laboratory.

MICROBIOLOGY 40: Microbiology Laboratory Preparations

1 UNIT – (RPT 2) (CSU)

Laboratory 3 hours.

COREQUISITE: Microbiology 1 or Microbiology 20

This course is created for students who are concurrently enrolled in Microbiology 20 or Microbiology 1. The course provides supplemental laboratory instructions for students with emphasis on laboratory safety, microbiological techniques, media and reagent preparations, and best practices in the microbiology laboratory.


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